Why You Should not Trust A Designer Opinion on the New Microsoft Logo

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Microsoft, one of the biggest American businesses at present has revamped its logo after about 25 years. This change in the appearance created a lot of buzz among the professional web designers, questioning its simplicity, style and such other aspects. How ever the truth is that though its logo has been criticized a lot, but in reality I think it is one of the best logo that they could have come with.

In the modern work environment of any enterprise in any art of the world, Microsoft’s Windows and Office are the two most important indispensable computer applications without which working in an office would not have been possible. Microsoft being such an important enterprise in this genre, the professionals have expected that they would come up with some improvised and advanced logo, which symbolizes their brand. On the contrary they have come up with a rather basic logo resulting in a lot of misjudged comments by the professional web designers. But a true evaluation of the new logo of Microsoft will reveal that it is the best alternative to the previous one.

The extremely simplicity of the logo was the first thing that caught my attention and I must share with you my opinion as well, I was simply pleased to see it. Every web designers expected this MNC to come with a high tech logo with drop shadows and such other things. But I must say that they have again triumphantly come up with an out of the box idea that has left most professional designers dumbstruck. Being a designer, I know the value of simplicity is much more than all the complexity. Microsoft has again showed the whole world that no matter how simple their logo is, they are the best. It also helps in vibrating a clear sensitivity and creates a strong appeal before the masses.

The best thing about the new logo is the color combination. Microsoft has continued to maintain its traditional colors in the logo. Each and everyday millions of users see these four colors while the computing devices boot up. So it is very natural that its loyal users have got attached with this color. Therefore, by not altering any of these symbolic colors the MNC has tried to make an earnest effort to remain connected with its users. This was an extremely rational decision that has been taken by the entrepreneurs.

Another unique fact about the new logo is that the font of the logo. It has paid due attention to use its own font in the logo. Using any other font would not have been justifiable at all.

But I would like to point is that though I personally appreciate the simplicity of the logo but if I take the opinion of the masses then I would say that will go unnoticed by most of the windows users. So this is a negative aspect of the logo where the entrepreneurs could have given some more attention.  

About the Author:

RP is a web designer who has penned down this article to voice her opinion about the new logo of Microsoft and discussed about its brand value in the above article.

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