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Whenever you visit a website, your mind can come up with two comments. Either it can be “it is a great website to look at” or it can be “what the hell designer was thinking while making the website?” While designing a website, designers should put themselves in a visitor’s shoe so that they can create a website from visitor’s perspective. So, as a designer you should know the essentials of designing and you should analyze what influences your web design the most.  There are some important factors that can make a website look fabulous and you need to find out those factors.

Some people may consider designing an easy task but this is not true at all. Even a person who is really creative sometimes faces creative blockage. Designers are always analyzing, thinking and finding things to influence their designs so it requires a lot of effort and time. Well, there are a few factors that can have a great impact on your designing. Factors may be different for different people but if a designer can master the following factors, he is sure to come up with an exceptional web design which will be loved and admired by everyone:

Carving a Niche

As a professional, the most important thing that you need to do is to carve a niche for yourself. So, one of the most important factors of designing a website is carving a niche for your website or blog. You need to understand the objectives behind your website or blog and then design it accordingly. For instance, if you are creating a website, you will have to come up with a design that looks more professional and subtle. Also, website designing is for branding so your website design should be a good depiction of your brand. Now, if you are designing a blog, it will have different required in comparison to website. Blogs are supposed to be a little more casual and not so professional. Your blog should be an extension of your personality. So the thing which influences the most is the niche of your blog or website.

Easy Navigation

You should design a website keeping in mind that it should be user friendly for the visitors. Your website’s navigation influences your design a lot so you need to make sure that you come up with a design which allows easy navigation.  If a user is unable to navigate from one page to the other, he will leave your website immediately. You would not want to give your visitors a tough time in any case. So, while designing your website, navigation will play a very important role. A favor you can do to yourself and your visitors is to keep things as simple as you can.

Color Combinations

The importance of color combinations are mostly ignored by a lot of designer which is not a good thing to do. Color schemes can make or break your website and your design too. As a human being, it is natural to explore anything that is pleasing to a human’s eye. If you have used some strange color schemes, you will annoy the user and he will leave your website immediately. Whenever you go for shopping, you always pick up a dress which has a nice color in the first place. Same goes for a website as a user will only browse through your website if it has subtle color scheme and design. So, as a designer it is essential for you to learn about color schemes so that you can use them properly in your website. Good color schemes will not only influence your web designing but it will also enhance the way your design looks.

Content of the website

One of the most important factors that will influence your overall website design will be the content of your website. A visitor who comes to your website always has some questions unanswered in his mind. Make sure that you upload quality content and it should be relevant to your brand or objective of the website. You do not have to write useless long paragraphs. Write useful and good content which can help visitors as well. A visitor will be disappointed if your website looks great but it does not have good content to offer so do not ignore the importance of good content. Also, keep on updating the content on regular basis as a website should appear to be active and up to date.

Theme of the website

Every designer has a certain theme in his mind while designing a website. The final design or layout of any website depicts the entire theme of the design. Mostly designers ignore the importance of themes and this is exactly why the design of their website suffers. If the design is not compatible with the main concept of the website, it would be of no use. So come up with a theme as it will have a great influence on your website.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Well, to be honest it has nothing to do with web designing but it has a lot do with the success of your website. SEO is highly being used by various designers to bring their website among the highest ranks websites of different search engines. There is no point of creating a website if people are unable to see it. Search engines are one of the major reasons to divert traffic towards your website so usage of SEO is very important. 

Layout of the Website

Layout of the website is the most important thing so it surely influences your overall designing. Well, when it comes to layout it includes everything such as banner images, pop-ups or tabs and other various links. Your layout should not consist of too many banners or pop-up ads as they will only annoy users.  If you really want users to love your website, keep the layout as simple as possible because you must have heard the phrase “less is more” so keep that in mind while designing.

Comment/Contact Us Box

You cannot create a website without a comment or contact us box. These things are very important as your visitors are able to communicate with you through this. These are very small features but are very important. Also, contact us page should have all the necessary information about your website and an easy to way to contact your customer support. Your visitor will love you if you will keep things smooth and easy for him.

Subscribe Button

Subscribe button is considered to be a backbone of any website so you cannot leave it at any cost. Some people have it and some don’t but if you really want your website to be an effective one, do have a subscribe button. This will help you and your users to stay in touch on a regular basis. The subscription tab should be visible to your users easily.

The above mentioned points can have a great influence on your website designing. These are all the major factors of any website and if they are kept in mind, you can come up with a perfect design.

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