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Outsourcing is now the preferred modus operandi for the New Economy. Everything is outsourced, and costs are accordingly a lot lower. The lower costs have another benefit- New Economy businesses can go shopping for talent. For web content, that’s definitely the best option, because talent is what’s required in this market. Web content requires a combination of the gift of the gab and technical capabilities like good SEO, good content which can reach target audiences.

This is particularly the case for web-based businesses, both commercial sites and web designers. Presence and presentation have to attract attention, and provide value to audiences. Blogs, articles, ads, and other materials must have an impact.  

The online audience is the toughest in human history. Online audiences are often specialists and professionals, having as much knowledge as the people providing their information. They’re highly critical, often with good reason, and quite specifically do not like or need rehashed materials.

Online outsourcing, basics

Whether you need writers, graphic designers, advertising experts or whatever, there are a few basic elements which define the core business needs:

  • Proven production quality- This means your own quality standards, not just “industry standard”, which is usually abysmal or worse.
  • High standard content- Interesting, informative, and stands out compared to your competition.
  • Clear, effective, SEO-based materials– An obligatory consideration, and not really negotiable when you’re paying for your own commercial bread and butter sites.
  • Unique content- This sort of content is how market leaders become market leaders- They quite literally attract attention with new and interesting ideas and issues. The equation is “Unique content sells, ordinary materials get ignored”.

Finding your outsources

The best approach to outsourcing is to check out your industry, and see what sort of outsourcing jobs are being offered, before lifting a finger to do any outsourcing of your own. A little research will establish a running valuation of what’s being offered vs. what’s actually being delivered at the coal face.

The first thing you’ll notice is that some outsourcing ads contain a few potential mistakes:
An ad for copywriters saying “…Must have tertiary qualifications in advertising/marketing with agency experience”, for example, automatically excludes many experienced online writers, experts who’ve been working as outsources for years. Most ad agencies go out of their way to pick up talent and skills, not just qualifications. Working in an agency environment does have some useful elements, but for an outsource, writing copy, is it absolutely essential?

(Another point to consider is that the more qualifiers you put on an ad for an outsource, the more expensive the outsource is likely to be. If you just need good content, it’s really not a great idea to add costs like that.

Quality is the real issue, and that’s where you, as an outsourcer, have full control. Target your job outsourcing ads to people having experience in providing content in your industry. All you need to do is request samples of their work, include specifications like experience in search engine optimization and run it through Copyscape.

You’ll get a lot of responses, and be able to cherry pick the best respondents. Outsourcing is easy, just make sure you’re getting exactly what you want.

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