Case study: should a web designer be interested in creating mobile apps?

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There is a hot debate whether mobile phones are truly useful or harmful for human society. Some people say that they are addicted to their smartphones, while others completely hate these devices (it’s true, their number is constantly decreasing). Anyway, I think that any device makes our life better and no one is addicted to them, there are just commodious people while others that are more active may give up to various gadgets.

Nowadays, a mobile application is something very common and there are many proofs that let us predict that this trend will continue in the future. A web designer, usually a passionate of Internet and gadgets should be interested in mobile apps. Under these circumstances, why not, at least try, to get his hands dirty with developing a mobile app?

The statistics reveal to us that the mobile use of the Internet will still increase and people will be interested in buying newer and more performing smartphones. These facts are enough to make everyone getting interested in this field.

Can a web designer become a successful apps developer? Is it a necessity or just a fad? Well, by reading this article you will not have a clear answer but surely you will have a more documented perspective. The web design community is divided into two parts; the first category states that there are many connections between a web designer and an app developer. Others are more reserved and let other people get involved in creating mobile apps. Of course, the answer is yours; it depends on your long term plans; instead of suggesting a solution, I think it is more beneficial to present the pros and cons invoked by the designers.


1. The Internet and the users are mobile

The Internet users are bored with the desktop computers and prefer surfing the web using various gadgets that allow more freedom; in addition to the huge development of wireless solutions we are heading to a planet totally wireless connected to Internet. The websites are right now rebuilt/built to be perfectly rendered by any device, the design community called these techniques responsive design. HTML5 and CSS3, the latest version of HTML, respectively CSS bring to the market new tags and solutions, specially created to make the creation of responsive websites easier. In this context, the web designers already have a solid background in mobile solutions; therefore the step to become an app developer isn’t so huge. Much more, there are rumors that the giant players of the online environment are debating solutions to simplify the modalities of creating apps.

2. There isn’t too much to learn

Yep, when it comes to building an app for the iPhone it is almost mandatory to have an idea about Objective C; to build an Android based app it’s perfect to know something about Java Script. Well, these facts seem to overwhelm any designer willing to create a mobile app, but nothing is impossible. The correct mentality is to be optimistic; in fact nobody was born a specialist in Objective C, isn’t it? Building a mobile app isn’t quite an easy project and usually it is better to work in small teams. Personally, I consider it being the best climate- i.e., you may be the one responsible for the design of the app- and it means a lot of work and at the same time, you may learn from your team mates other aspects of the development.

3. The opportunities are very high

Google Play and iStore are two major markets to sell your mobile app. Lots of developers are earning good amounts of money from selling their apps and you may be one of them. There is still need of new apps, but quality ones; people would pay some bucks for a good and helpful application. The conclusion is simple: why don’t give a chance?


1. You are a web designer, not a genius

Building a good mobile app isn’t accessible for everyone and the endeavor invested should be really impressive. A web designer has enough issues with responsive design, to build a mobile app is just a fad and nothing more. Learning how to create a mobile app would take enough time that in fact means less time for the job and finally it means less money. Much more, just creating a good app isn’t enough, it should be promoted and none may guarantee the success. It’s enough to think twice about embracing this new career, isn’t it?

2. There is still no guarantee related to the long term success of mobile development

Indeed, nowadays people are passionate about mobile apps, but who can guarantee that it’s not only a fad and in a yearlong, the market would look different? Maybe people would become more cautious anyway, the huge majority of users prefer buying free apps, therefore, where is the profit? 

3. There are already lots of app developers

Ok, let’s suppose that people will still buy apps but there is another aspect. Google Play and iStore are full of apps therefore are there enough people that work in this field, would another one be necessary? The competition is harsh and somehow the market is saturated with app developers, is it possible to resist in this "jungle"?

In conclusion, there are advantages and disadvantages in embracing the career of a mobile app developer, it’s up to you if you are available to make some efforts to learn the basics and create amazing apps.

What do you think, is this opportunity a solution from you? It will be great for your audience to have here shared your opinion about, the more the better.

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