Unusual Website Designs Based on CSS

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There was a time when designers were making exceptional design only in flash to make more attractive their website designs. But now designers all over the web are working on attractive designs using only CSS. Simple website design does not get the attention of users that’s y you also don’t have remember some of websites from thousands because those all not will be attractive. Today we are listing amazing CSS based websites and we hope these all designs will be attractive for you and you must like all these.

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Yellow Colored Website Designs for Inspiration

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Colors are the most important ingredient of the design. Design you are making for print media, design you making for website designs, 3d designs, textile design, fashion design etc. You can give attraction only with cool and sexy color combination. Every designer should have to good sense of colors about all kind of designs like if he is going to make corporate design then he must use corporate colors and if he is going to create a design on fashion/multimedia he should use sharp and cool colors. So selection of colors always changes on the nature of product for which designers are working on.

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Showcase of 40+ Designs of Korean Websites

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As you know there are a lot of design of websites on internet. Most of designs are very creative and eye-catching. Today in this post we are presenting web art of Korea, these designs are so beautiful and professional. These designs are truly creative and colorful with great characters and illustrations and also use of professional work of flash.Korea. Here are 40+ websites from korea, I’m sure you will find inspiration from these sites. Read more “Showcase of 40+ Designs of Korean Websites”