An Amazing Collection of Best Android Applications

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Thousands of people now use the Android Operating System daily. It is an open source operating system which is very flexible and so development of Android apps is increasing rapidly. When you look at the Android Market there are a lot of free applications including:

  • games
  • chat
  • task management tools

and more besides. They aid the user to connect with others for fun, organize their documents and manage their time efficiently and effectively.

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100 Eye-Catching and Beautiful Wallpapers of Android

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Android is growing up very fast and considered as latest trends in smart phones. Android is a software stack for smart mobile phones which includes an operating system. Android OS has great features and usability of applications and hardware. New generation is migrating rapidly. Today we are presenting a stunning collection of beautiful wallpapers of Android. Dimension of these wallpaper are 320 x 480 pixels. Hope you will like and enjoy.

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25+ Website Designs of Android Application

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There are many developer who already enter the android market with building cool application, and they have great on web design too, to promote their application. Here I found some great android application web site design, if you found another that I haven’t mention please inform me.
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