50+ Striking Posters of Animated Movies

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Posters always play very important role in advertisement of anything. You people always see different type of posters in different areas like markets, shopping malls and shops etc. These always attract to person regarding that product for which that poster has designed. Today we are presenting a dazzling collection of animated movie posters. There are a large number of fans of animated movies and i hope this inspirational showcase of movie posters will be attractive for animated movie lovers.

Brad Pitt – Mega Mind 3D

HOP – The Spring



Kung Fu Panda 2

Cars 2

Cloudy Meat Balls

Corpse Bride

The Tale of Despereaux

A Christmas Carol

Egg Hunt


Hair Force One

Horton Hears A Who

Dragon IMax 3D

Dawn of Dinosaurs – Ice Age


Jack Black – Kung Fu Panda

Legend of the Guardians

Mars Needs Moms

A Super Hero Movie – Mega Mind 3D

Monster House

Monsters vs Aliens


Planet 51



Rio 3D

Scream 4

Street Fighter II

The Clone Wars – Star Wars

Disney’s Tangled


Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtles

Giving Bad A Good Name – Mega Mind 3D

The Incredibles – Disney

The Ten Commandments

Batman vs Dracula

The Goon

The Incredibles

The Legend of Spyro 3D

Toy Story 3

Wall . E



Horton Hears A Who – Ice Age

Monsters vs Aliens

Mega Mind 3D

Dawn of Dinosaurs – Ice Age

Kung Fu Panda

Dream Works – Mega Mind 3D

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  1. lovely collection of lovely animated movies posters. i love Legend of the Guardians and Mega Mind. These movies are my favorite and there posters are also gr8. Thank you for this.

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