Musicians Choose Flash: The Best Designs for Music Industry

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There are some criteria that a good music related website should have. First of all, it should be functional, equipped with all necessary modules like MP3 player, image and video galleries, etc. It should have an easy to use visual online player for the visitors. In addition to high functionality, the website should include all necessary info for fans: bio, photos, info about concerts/booking, gigs, newsletter and links. And of course, the website of a musician should reflect the artist’s own style and express all the uniqueness of the musician.

Flash can be a really good choice for a music website: in addition to the advanced image, audio and video galleries that can be embedded into the website, it allows to create really stunning visual and sound effects and provide a strong impression on the website visitors.

Today we would like to present you the collection of the best Flash websites related to music industry. Some of them are CMS based that makes them easily editable and feature rich.

Browse the collection and get inspired…

Heather Hathaway

The Flash website of Heather Hathaway, a talented singer and the «Inspiration Production» company owner from Washington DC. The attractive textures, creative menu design and the plenty of stunning Flash elements make the website really great.

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Music Band Flash CMS Solution

This Flash solution for music industry based on Flash CMS includes the plenty of convenient functions than will definitely be appreciated by the website owner. In addition to great graphic elements, impressive animation and page transitional effect, it is very functional.

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Twelve Foot Ninja

A Flash website with a great design concept, cool textures and graphics.

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Austin Drage

The official website of Austin Drage, a singer from UK, one of the finalists in X Factor 2008. The website is developed really professional: it loads fast, the navigation is very convenient, and the website background creates a great impression on visitors.

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Flash Website for Music Industry

This great website from the collection of Flash CMS Templates for music industry is equipped with embedded MP3 player and visual equalizers that analyzes the sound spectrum.


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Alejandro Vela

The Flash website of Alejandro Vela, a pianist of Northern Mexican origin. The design concept is not new, but the website is attractive and convenient.

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The Strokes

A great dark background Flash website with many unusual elements and impressive design approaches.

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Pete Philly

A really unusual Flash music website with great visual effects and stunning concept.

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We’re All Fans

The Flash website dedicated to the 52nd annual Grammy’s «We are All Fans». I really enjoyed great website backgrounds and intuitive hidden menu on the left of the page.

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Doc Lab

Another interesting Flash design with dark background and creative elements.

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Vittel Sports Music Factory

A really interesting Flash solution for music website with a great concept and stunning animation.

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Asher Roth

The Flash website of the band «Asher Roth». It takes time to load, but the concept is rather interesting and worth seeing.

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Jacques Dutronc

This Flash website with great interactive gallery: when you point the mouse over the gallery’s image, the picture easily turns over, and you will be able to read the musician’s album info.

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Tracy Chapman

This colorful Flash website has already been mentioned in some showcases, but we couldn’t help including it to this post – the concept is amazing.

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Julian Velard

An extremely creative and fascinating Flash work full of impressive interactivity and unusual design approaches.

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Neon Bible

This is a good example of how black background is able to emphasize elements.

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Luke Buda

An amazing Flash website with a unique concept and plenty of unexpected design elements. An interactive Luke Buda sings online for his fans and website visitors.

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Blues Maker

A calming Flash website with great textures, creative elements and pleasant color spectrum.

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Hostile V4

A great music Flash website with advanced music and video galleries.

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MTVNHD Experience

The menu of this Flash website is the most creative we’ve ever seen: each letter of the website heading has its own sound accompaniment, you just need to point the mouse over a letter.

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A very creative music Flash website with a cool image gallery and striking design.

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A professional stylish Flash website with stylish design and fantastic visual elements.

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Simone Moreno

This Flash website looks really amazing due to the background image and great typography.

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Dark Night of the Soul

The Flash website created with Papervision 3D. To zoom the elements in or out, you just need to hover the mouse up or down the page.

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A really stunning music Flash website with cool features. You can tune your mood settings, select a transition, set audio with vocals, volume and image duration.

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Pure Management Group

A creative Flash website with panoramic gallery and convenient intuitive scrolling thumbnail preview.

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A stylish Flash clean design with no clutter at all.

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An informative Flash website of the band «Desperado» with a rich image gallery and extremely convenient audio play list.

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My Getaway In Audio

The band MGIA Flash website. The interactive menu is hidden on the top of the page and can be viewed by pointing the mouse over the intuitive menu button.

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The official Flash CMS based website of a singer Ahndray with an embedded MP3 player. The website is easily editable via the control panel and can be modified as often as the owner wishes.

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