Glass Marbles Effects by Dragon Art

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I was searching marble effects from net and I got this marvelous glass effects by Dragon Art. I really like this work and in this post I am sharing with you for inspiration. I hope you will like these effects.

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  1. I would like to do that but I’m affraid about the bill how much it will come out by using that little torch!Can you tell me if that doesn’t get waisted by using it making allot of glass beads that I would like to make, and I also want to know. Were can I find the equimpment & supplies of making glass!
    It looks allot of fun and it’s tempting me to make some nice glass work. I like the way you work.

  2. Awesome collection!!-

    Some of these are really amazing! I Love IT 😛

    And honestly, you have a great list of Marble Glasses. I just can’t stop drooling.

    thanks for sharing

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