Exceptional and Exciting Images of Light Painting

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Light painting also known as light drawing is a photographic technique. I found a mind blowing collection these beautiful images of light painting. Hope you will enjoy.

Painting with Light – Laptop by Neon280

Fabia Light by JogiART

Robo1 by Cygnus Rick


Painting with light by Nardsketch

Light Painting – Bike by Sssampo

Gril in tub by FDU4

Hurry up by Donchris

The Puma and The Castle by Tristan P Barratt

Light painting by Rafoto

Liquid Gloss by Owen

Light & Mary by Tilyudai

Orb 31 by Andrew Hall

Creature of the Light by Shubat

Bild 055 by FDU4

Luminous by XxShadoexX

Brian & Ben Silhouette by tackyshack

Neon Crosses by the other ‘Neon Ninja’

Light Painting Autoretrato by Rafoto

Fiona AllFM interview hello? by Weclight

Defecit spinning by Sceletium

Kitchen by Ella Harrington

Johnny Cash by Sa Jamil Hogan

EL Wire Portrait by ozzersharp

Mark’s Wool Spinning with the Rubber Ducky by tackyshack

Particle Acceleration by octopus777fish

Lightpainting – tesoro by Rafoto

Light persons by Superaguacate

Blurry by whymore

Electric feel by Charles Landriault

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