Essential jQuery Dropdown and Selectbox Plugins

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In this post you will find a list of very helping and important jQuery plugins. These plugins can use designers and developers both. There are a lot of features like filter options, multi-selection, search options and auto complete. I found the huge and very useful jquery plugins and now sharing with you.

jQuery UI MultiSelect Widget

I highly recommend you use this version over the plugin version. It has a more robust feature set, is faster, and is much more flexible. MultiSelect turns an ordinary HTML select control into an elegant drop down list of checkboxes with themeroller support.


Droplist Filter

This is a JavaScript tool for adding a little search widget next to any droplist.



jQuery Selectbox plugin

Custom select box replacement inspired by jQuery UI source.


Sexy Combo

Sexy Combo is a jQuery plugin that allows you to turn default browser selectboxes into much more attractive and usable comboboxes.




The QuickSelect plugin allows you to create a text input with a list of specified options, and as you type, those options show up in a list below the input box. You can choose to have it top result into the input box as you type, or select an option using the arrow keys.



While there are many similar plug-ins, the key differentiator with the Linkselect plug-in is that is designed to fit in limited real estate.



Jquery Chained Select

To chain combobox state to combobox country and combobox city to combobox state you must write the following code.


Image Combo Box

if you tired with your old fashion selectbox try this one. Image combo box. You can add an icon with each option. It works with your existing "select" element.




if you needed to develop a unique UI control that would allow users to select from a complex hierarchical tree of options, then this plugin is for you.



Search Box with Filter

This search box reveals a drop down menu after the user clicks into the input field. The menu is meant to act as a filter with several checkbox options that allow the user to select specific categories for his search.


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