70 Extremely Creative Advertisements Around the World

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There are a lot of creative advertisements around the world. A lot of marketing agencies use creative advertising techniques and ideas to attract visitors as these creative and unique ads will give visitors a very good first impression. In this post I m presenting 70 creative ads.

wrongjob_187174 wrongjob_167498 wrongjob_158236 wrongjob_151029 wrongjob_103446 wrongjob_16749 volvo_thumb vipgym unicef_thumb underwater sony_thumb soccer_ad_germany2006_01 samsung_vacuum_cl road_1298 razor push2 push1 post-it_thumb playboy_thumb pedigree paris_on_prison panasonic_thumb noahnoaquariumisbigenoughorca noahnoaquariumisbigenoughdolphin nivea_thumb nemo_thumb msecurityglassadvertisement1a mondop1 MINI_palms mini_car meet_girrafe McDonald manjamin_moore levis_thumb kitkat_2 kitkat_1 keep_playing jeeparking2 jaguar_thumb iamshappydog hyundai hate_dropped forbes_thumb football Fish_3_sm_2 finetodrive01 fine_to_drive04 fine_to_drive02 fedex durex creativeadvertisements18 creativeadvertisements17 creativeadvertisements16 creativeadvertisements14 creativeadvertisements12 creativeadvertisements09 creativeadvertisements06 creativeadvertisements04 creativeadvertisements02 creativea_ad_144 creativea_ad_131 creativea_ad_129 creativea_ad_103 creativea_ad_101 creativea_ad_95 creative_ad_p2_057 creative_ad_p2_056 creative_ad_p2_055 creative_ad_p2_054 creative_ad_p2_053 creative_ad_p2_052

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  2. Great post! I enjoyed these advertisements. Just a tip for advice for future comments, you should try and only include real comments. A lot of these comments are just spammers. Do you have askimet installed? Anyways great post labeeqa 🙂 I looking forward for so new stuff.

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