Choosing Colors for the Web: Blue

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Remember the last time you went shopping? You were going to buy a t-shirt, a sweater, jeans or a pair of socks. But the very last moment you changed your mind and bought something absolutely different. That’s because unconsciously you understood that that thing fits you better because of its color… web designers have almost the same feelings when they start this or that project.

This happens often because some clients say: “Yo! I need a website but I don’t know how it should look like, you’re a designer and you know it better!” Such people cause not only frustration but anger for vulnerable web designers. To overcome these problems it’s really helpful to understand the psychology of color.

Choosing Colors for the Web: Blue

Imagine you are a web designer, one day an uncertain customer comes to your office, he sits at your table and starts talking senseless things and wants you not only to draw a website layout but to develop the idea. As a tricky developer you make an evil grin and understand that you’ll get more money from such a “special” client… In a few words he tells you what kind of website he wants to get, you’ll make a conclusion that the website he needs would be created in blue. Typically, websites designed in different shades of blue, or using a combination of white and blue, are quite popular. But why? The point is blue radiates calmness, trust and security. However, do not use bright blue or any other bright color because a human eye has to adjust to each color, and it will put unnecessary stress on the eyes.

Fashion consultants recommend blue clothes for business, because it symbolizes loyalty. Studies show that people are more productive in blue rooms, for example, weightlifters are able to significantly improve performance, engaging in blue gyms. This color is also associated with intelligence, honesty, sincerity and ability to square off with words. However, an overabundance of blue can lead to scandals and controversies.

Choosing Colors for the Web: Blue

To get deeper into the color blue, the following infographic can be really helpful for you. It shows the sites that use blue as the primary color and explains how the meaning of blue changes from culture to culture. Also, it offers 55 color codes of the color blue – all this will help you find inspiration and start a cool, stylish, and attractive blue site.

Author: Alex Bulat is a Blog Columnist working for TemplateMonster. What he likes most is writing inspirational and “How to” articles. Alex Bulat on Google+.

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