Top 14 CSS Frameworks and Tutorials

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There are a lot of open source CSS Framework. Most designers would have heard of the term ‘CSS Frameworks’, for those who don’t know, from here they can get brief description: Wikipedia: Main features of good CSS Framework is to 1) rapidly speed up our development time, 2) should have a very small size, 3) have good documentation and tutorials and 4) have clean grid structure. You will need a basic understanding of the CSS framework you are going to use to understand why and how things get solved. I am going to show you 14 promising CSS Framework that worth a look.

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Free Javascript Web Gallery Solutions

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There are a large numbers of solutions of web based galleries. I have compiled some impressive scripts you can use for effective presentation of your images. Mostly galleries don’t have any technical requirements. None of them use Flash, only JavaScript, and they require very little coding on your part. Hope you will enjoy with these galleries.
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10+ Web 2.0 Color Online Maker Tools

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Colors are most important part of usability of Designs. Different color combinations can evoke different emotions and reactions. Color selection is one of most significant factor in the overall look and feel of design. In this post I am listing some websites which are providing online tools to make color combinations and variations. This post is dedicated to all of designers and I hope listed websites on color schemes will give help you to select best color scheme for your designs.
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