Excellent Image Zoom Effects of jQuery

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Today I was searching some jQuery effects to use in my project and I found an interesting effect that is Image Zoom Effect. Then I thought these outstanding effects share with our readers. So I searched and listed down amazing image effects in this article. You will find image pan, thumbnail viewer and image zoom effects here which can be helpful for your website projects.

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Easy Way of Creating Slideshow Using HTML5

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When you have considered about the applications that have been associated with the HTML5 web application development, it would probably provide you with wide varieties of graphics, video and animation applications that too in a reliable way. If you have decided to make out the appearance of your website and the best and unique one by getting through the special application development you can go with the HTML5 website development.

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Some Vital Online Applications for Designers and Developers

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There are a lot of tools are online which are very helpful for designers, developers and freelancers like online color making, image and browser resizing, icon creating etc. Today we have selected some important tools which are mostly using. These tools are very easy to use and helpful for you in your daily work.

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Essential jQuery Dropdown and Selectbox Plugins

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In this post you will find a list of very helping and important jQuery plugins. These plugins can use designers and developers both. There are a lot of features like filter options, multi-selection, search options and auto complete. I found the huge and very useful jquery plugins and now sharing with you.

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Just an Hour a Day with Search Engine Optimization

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Perhaps the most time-consuming part of running a web-based business is the Internet marketing aspect of it, particularly the search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is important for increasing the exposure of your website and ultimately driving more traffic to it by way of the search engines. Since the vast majority of first-time visitors end up at a website having found your listing in the search engine results, it is easy to see why SEO is so important.

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5 HTML Editors

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We’ve all heard stories from our parents and grandparents about how we’ve got it so easy and things were tougher back in their day. If only my Grandpa knew how to use a computer I’m sure he’d be telling me about when he was my age he was having to use programs like Notepad and TextEdit to develop websites. I would be the first to admit that we do have it a lot easier these days, especially with so many options when it comes to developing a site. Today’s options range from as little as free, to several hundred dollars.

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An Amazing Collection of Best Android Applications

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Thousands of people now use the Android Operating System daily. It is an open source operating system which is very flexible and so development of Android apps is increasing rapidly. When you look at the Android Market there are a lot of free applications including:

  • games
  • chat
  • task management tools

and more besides. They aid the user to connect with others for fun, organize their documents and manage their time efficiently and effectively.

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7 Superb Applications for 3D Designers and Artists

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The 3D designers are using a lot of applications and tools to make 3D graphics, images and videos. These applications allow to designers for creation of diversity of 3D content, including texturing, lighting, rendering and modeling. Both operating systems Mac and Windows have support for 3D software. We are listing some popular software names which are using in 3D industry.
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Showcase of Inspirational Website Designs of HTML5

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HTML5 is newest version of Hyper Text Markup Language. We have already published some posts before this on HTML designs and we got very positive response on those. Today we are presenting showcase of HTML5 website designs for our blog readers whom already ask in their comments and queries. So enjoy with this awesome and fresh collection of best html5 websites.
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List of Top jQuery, Mootools, Prototype Lightbox Scripts

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There are numerous ways to show pop-up block like Lightbox for single image, videos, image galleries and other media and content on your website. jQuery is very hot now a days and using a lot in web applications. This is using for client and server side to send and receive much kind of requests and also using in UI. Read more “List of Top jQuery, Mootools, Prototype Lightbox Scripts”

Awesome WordPress Premium Plugins and Themes

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Design is a very important part of your website and blog to get some loyal visitors and also getting advertiser for you blog or website. Today we will discuss about look and feel of WordPress and also about wordpress plugins. This topic about premium themes and plugins of wordpress which are 100% SEO (Search Engine Optmized) based. You can run any new project using these and get maximum benefits regarding SEO, visitors and many more.
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