Fresh and High-Quality Free WordPress Themes Collection

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WordPress is powerful and award winning CMS, which is using to build blogs, online applications and websites. This is an open source solution and freely available for everyone. If you install wordpress on your domain the second step is choosing the theme. There are thousands of wordpress themes online available in which some are paid and some you can get free of cost.
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23 Modern & Innovative Blog Footer Designs

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The footer in web design has evolved drastically over the past few years. Whereas previously, the footer just served to terminate the website and include a plain, boring link to the privacy policy and terms of use pages, now, the footer is truly functional and a part of the design.
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Awesome WordPress Premium Plugins and Themes

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Design is a very important part of your website and blog to get some loyal visitors and also getting advertiser for you blog or website. Today we will discuss about look and feel of WordPress and also about wordpress plugins. This topic about premium themes and plugins of wordpress which are 100% SEO (Search Engine Optmized) based. You can run any new project using these and get maximum benefits regarding SEO, visitors and many more.
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Free WordPress Themes Collection of WooThemes

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Today almost every blogger is using wordpress application to run their blogs and they want to use top quality theme. There are a lot of designers and companies making wordpress themes in which some are free and mostly are premium. Today we will discuss a very famous and superb company WooTheme. This company is providing top quality premium wordpress themes. Features of every theme are great and all of them based on very strong framework and designs of themes are awesome and cool. Read more “Free WordPress Themes Collection of WooThemes”

40 Free WordPress Premium-Quality Themes

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There are numerous free and premium wordpress themes and every day we see many beautiful collections. Many are good and only a title is just one of a kind. Most of bloggers want features like premium themes. Today we present 40 free wordpress themes with premium qualities and features. These are truly impressive and might be you will be will to use for any your next project. Enjoy with this collection.
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20 Free Premium WordPress Real Estate Themes

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This is great news for those who are in real estate business or industry and want to online their business. In my opinion WordPress will be very useful for them because WordPress is a friendly CMS and SEO customized. So you don’t have to need about design because here are dozen great themes out there for you to choose from that are specifically geared towards read estate agents. If you are looking for a great WordPress Themes for real estate, look no further! Read more “20 Free Premium WordPress Real Estate Themes”

35+ Most Useful Free Premium WordPress Themes

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Once again we are here with really useful WordPress Premium Themes, you people thinking if there’re premium themes which means all may be paid themes but in our logic we can say these of all premium (unique) are free and we just make an special arrangement from all over the web for you.

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20 WordPress Plugins For Image Handling in Better Way

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Photo Gallery, picture gallery, or slideshow are the best way to showcase your images/photos to your readers. There are a lot of different methods to create them, and the alternative you’re most likely to be using Flash or JavaScript.
With flash you can create very nice and impressive animations, however the downside is that Flash isn’t really Search Engine Friendly. And the javaScript enables us to create a great deal of nice effects which are Search Engine Friendly and only need the javascript to be enabled in your browser (which most browsers have by default).
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30 WordPress Plugins to Make Online Community

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WordPress is a popular blog publishing platform and users can build advanced functionality on their sites with plugins. If you are interested in building a community around your site, here are some WordPress plugins that can be useful if you set up your own website which can help you create a community / directory / membership site and its contents.
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90+ Best WordPress Premium Themes for Design and Technology Blogs

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New Period comes with new designs and projects. January is mostly the minute when we sign new projects or renovations of old ones. In this article you module hear 90+ Human Reward WordPress Themes for your design and technology projects. Themes classified to six categories: Diary, Publisher, Gallery, Corporate/Business, Portfolioand Minimalistic themes. All of catalogued themes are resplendent, modernistic and highest-quality. ThemeForest and WooThemes free a lot of high-quality and couturier attending themes. Read more “90+ Best WordPress Premium Themes for Design and Technology Blogs”