Latest Amazing Collection of Photoshop Layer Styles

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Adobe Photoshop Layer Styles are a great and useful resource besides they can really save lots of time when working on a project. Furthermore they provide a great base of styles, add nice effect to your project and they are easily editable later on. We searched for the best Free Layer Styles which you can find around the web for Photoshop. Read more “Latest Amazing Collection of Photoshop Layer Styles”

20 Super Colourful Printed Flyers

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Successful flyer designs by their nature must be eye-catching, and one of the best ways to achieve this is by using super colour schemes. Bright colours and combinations of different hues are great ways of grabbing the viewer’s attention, and can be used to reflect the nature of the event that is being advertised. This post brings together 20 examples of printed flyers from around the world, a showcase to demonstrate the power of super colourful design.
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110 Beautiful and High-Quality XHTML/CSS Free Templates

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After popularity of our post on Free CSS Templates we are presenting now variety of lovely and attractive templates with sources for you and you will be amazed by the quality you can find. In this post, we’ll showcase 110 beautiful and high-quality free templates. Hopefully some of them will save time in your design and development. Here is a wide variety of high-quality (X) HTML/CSS templates that are free of charge. Enjoy and must give your valuable comments.

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Ultimate Web2.0 Photoshop Layer Styles

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What is a Photoshop Style? A Style in Photoshop or Layer Style is a range of layer settings and options. So when you choose to add to a shape, could be some text, for example a drop shadow, a gradient and some stroke, you have effectively created a new Style. If you create a really good style that you may want to reuse or share Photoshop supports that quite well. This article shows you the basics of using styles for creating great looking web 2.0 designs and provides essential resources for further studies. Read more “Ultimate Web2.0 Photoshop Layer Styles”

30 Fabulous Happy New Year 2011 Wallpapers

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This is time to say goodbye to year 2010 and welcome a brand new year 2011, we are going to celebrate 2011 with these 30 Fabulous Happy New Year 2011 wallpapers and make your desktop more beautiful, you can even send happy New Year wallpapers to your friends, family and loved ones.
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Set of Icons, Fonts and Tools for Android App Developers

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Today we focus on the design and development of the Android. The idea of this article to help simplify your application design and development, with a comprehensive range to some extent from the graphical user interface sets Android, icons, fonts, and. PSD and tools, which allow you to focus on the development rather than having to design everything from scratch. You will find all these in this article and hopefully it will be useful for you.
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15 Useful Free Resources for Amateur Designers

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If you are an amateur web designer, it is likely you go to many different sources for help in web design. However, when you are new in the industry, It is really hard to search for sources that are of great help. That’s the reason why it’s very helpful to get all resources in one material. Read more “15 Useful Free Resources for Amateur Designers”

High-quality vector art, brushes and illustrations –

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Designious is a very cool destination for stock graphic files. World class graphic artists create for you the best vector art possible, all with extended license included. You can choose from more than 6000 hand drawn stock graphic files so you can be sure that you will find what you need for your design projects. Read more “High-quality vector art, brushes and illustrations –”

40 Best Resources of Greeting Cards

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Are you looking for design inspiration or looking for perfect American independence day ecard to send to someone? Or just for some design inspiration? Here we are sharing with you for the Top 40 Best Free Ecard sites on the Web – all of these offer thousands of free ecards, free birthday ecards, and lots more personalized ecards and lots of inspirations, hope you’ll like this beautiful collection.
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A Fantastic Website for Stock Vector Images

Categories Advertisement, Design Resources, Showcase, VectorPosted on is the place to visit if you want to download some seriously cool vector illustrations. Here you can find vector art for your projects in an impressive collection which comprises: vintage, business, people, abstract, backgrounds, buildings, music, seasonal and even free vector designs.
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Create Your FREE Flash Website with WIX

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Wix is free online software that lets you build your own Flash website – and is a great tool for budding designers, small business owners, and basically anyone creative looking for a way to create a customized, high quality website without spending a fortune. Read more “Create Your FREE Flash Website with WIX”