How to Create a Logo for Your WordPress Theme?

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WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best platforms for building a business website. It has a huge community and offers a variety of plugins and themes that you can use to give your website a unique look.

Now, one of the most important things that can give your website the recognition it deserves on the Internet, apart from the right use of top-notch analytics tools, is the website logo.
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Sparkle Brushes Collection of Photoshop

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You know why each planner says Adobe Photoshop is extreme device for each sort of outline assignments and a large portion of the architects think about making configuration library and this gathering committed for those as "Photoshop is presently Pretty Easy Using Sparkle Brushes" Photoshop gets to be to distillate on brushes there could be additional than enough to assemble however just a couple of be qualified to be chosen, yes Free Photoshop brushes are vital in inventive enticing plans.

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Handy Alternates of Adobe Photoshop for Designers

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Outlining isn’t everyone’s personal preference in light of the fact that it’s a field of innovative brains and a fashioner constantly need to thought in a remarkable manner. At whatever point we considered the outlining there is one thing which comes in our brain and that is Adobe Photoshop in light of the fact that its a most thought apparatuses to draw diverse engaging and awe-inspiring things. We can say that Adobe Photoshop is assuming crucial part in configuration field and it’s additionally a first decision of each creator, however being an imaginative architect you ought to likewise accumulate some variety your work. Today I am going to impart some Photoshop options that will demonstrate truly accommodating for originators and it’s likewise an opportunity to take in something more.

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Make Designs in Photoshop using Moon and Star Brushes

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In this time such a large number of components are utilizing to make exceptional and advanced outline whatever we have print or web outlines, we have some critical components that need to be plates and likewise we imparting as free download for each Photoshop fashioner. We are unite some of inventive Photoshop Moon and Star Brushes for you to give uncommon look to your everything plans, both are magnificent forms of the universe that assume dissimilar yet critical part in our reality.

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Eventual Web2.0 Photoshop Layer Styles

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Photoshop experts can do design anything easily but it take time but for beginners this is very difficult task. But some experts of all over the world male add-ons like photoshop layer styles, brushes, textures and many more for web and graphics designers.

Now designer can make easily backgrounds, cool web 2.0 headers, buttons and other web based designs with these pre-made gradients. These designs will always need some nice gradient effects on it and instead of creating them using multiple layers all you need is to use the Gradient fill tool to apply the effects.

Adobe Gradients Pack

by magnet14

Shattereds Gradients

by shattereddesigns07

Pastel Shattereds Gradients

by shattereddesigns07

Tango Gradients

by kano89

AKLPs Gradient Pack 2


Spice up your design with 56 Photoshop layer styles

by jay-han

Photoshop Layer Styles for Button Design

by designwalker

.::Gradients v.1::. Insane

by winterbrahma

Autumn gradient

by Gwendrilla

MP: Summer Loving Gradients

by millepetit

MP: Underwater Gradients

by millepetit

MP: Fruity Gradients

by millepetit

Clean Gradients Set

By Mkhaled

Gradients Set 03

by crazykira-resources

Gradients 02

by crazykira-resources

Real sky photoshop gradients

by feniksas4

Chameleon style

by Ashung

Vintage Gradients


Vintage Gradients

by Icechicken

Apple Gradients

by mppagano

iPhone Gradients Set for Photoshop

by woopsdez

Soft Gradients

by ademmm

Kip Gradients

by Kip0130

BOLD gradient pack

by Kip0130

Gradients pack 2

by Kip0130

Amazing Free Photoshop Layer Styles

by dezinerfolio

Ultimate Web 2.0 Gradients

by dezinerfolio

Web 2.0 Photoshop gradients

by verbaska

Web 2.0 Layer Effects

by verbaska

Adobe CS3 Gradients

by Jake

Amazing Photoshop Gradient Colors

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Gradient colors are commonly using in graphics designs now and also using in designs as a background, buttons and other elements. Today I was searching some gradients and found a good collection of Photoshop gradients on different websites when I was creating desktop wallpaper for my laptop screen. So I decided to share this collection will all of my designer’s communities which can be helpful for their designing tasks.

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PSD Templates for Your Dream Website

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PSD web templates have a benefit that this can be customized easily so this is the reason PSD templates are very popular in designers community these days. If you try to make your own website by freelance designer then minimum cost would be $500 which can be costly for you. To handle with this high cost of web design during this slump period, psd templates are the ideal solution to get a dazzling website design at a fraction of the cost.

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Striking Example of Photo Manipulations

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Photo manipulation is a creative art in itself that requires a skill and accuracy. Photo manipulation always gives a realistic vision of dreamlike pictures. You should have an open mind when gathering thoughts on how to get creative with your images. In this post today is examples of 55 Striking Photo Manipulations.

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Excellent PSD Design Files for Designers

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If you are creating some design elements and don’t have time to make. You have to need some graphics urgent bases then these PSD design files will help you and save your lots of time. From these files you can get innovative and great ideas by using these files. These are editable files you can edit the layers and change the colors and design as per your own need and requirement. We are grateful to all those talented Photoshop Designers for their work that designed and share their creative stuff for others.

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Wonderful Digital Blend Art of Vector Photoshop 3D

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Today we are here with collection of amazing digital art and the creative designer of these images inspires me all the time. So today we are sharing his beautiful designs with you. Crisvector is a digital illustrator from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Siqueira blends vector art, 3D design and Photoshop together to create his discrete digital art. Deriving his brainwave from web 2.0 and the worlds of music, movies, gaming and art, Cristiano pushes the boundaries of his visual planet on a daily basis.

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Free Gradient Color Sets for Photoshop

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Gradient is an immense method to add realistic and convincing shading and lighting of design surfaces. Gradient color style offer almost indefinite options to create the perfect look and feel for graphic designers and web designers. The elements of UI can be scaled and reused easily when they built with gradient layers and layer styles. Designers always keep a good stuff of gradients in their libraries because these gradients and layer styles are used for amazing effects on text and on other objects and make their designs unique and attractive.

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