3D Max Tutorials of Character Modeling & Animations

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Pixar, Warner Bros and Walt Disney Animation Studios are best in digital animated movies worldwide. They used 3D software and plug-in to make special effects in their movies. Today we are listing here tutorials which can be helpful to make effects like which you see in movies. Here are 3D Max Tutorials, Maya Lightening Tutorials, Cinema4D Tutorials, ZBrush Tutorials, Character Modeling and rendering Tutorials and 3D Animations Tutorials we focusing on beginners and advanced level artwork.

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Fabulous Examples of 2D and 3D Digital Art

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Today we are presenting a post in which you will see digital art of different designers. We appreciate to all these talented designers who created these outstanding designs and graphics. These artistic designs describes their efforts, imaginations and creativity and give us a chance to see these wonders even you can download all these master pieces in hi resolution and also use these as you desktop or tablets wallpapers. This post will force you to know more about these designers when you start browsing them in details. These all creations are mind blowing from the creative designers who utilize their creativity with different angles and approaches to get the result that make their work unique.

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Premium 3D Art Work and Character Modeling

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Today we are presenting some example of premium 3D work. All these characters and drawing which you will see here are paid but the designers who work in 3D applications they can get inspiration from these. They can get some details of work which used to make these models and that can be helpful for them. Here are examples of human body modeling, nature models, building models, airplane and car models etc.

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7 Superb Applications for 3D Designers and Artists

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The 3D designers are using a lot of applications and tools to make 3D graphics, images and videos. These applications allow to designers for creation of diversity of 3D content, including texturing, lighting, rendering and modeling. Both operating systems Mac and Windows have support for 3D software. We are listing some popular software names which are using in 3D industry.
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Superb and Inspiring Collection of Realistic 3D Robots

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Robotic technology represents the vision of the futurism and robotic art is becoming very popular now a days. 3D designers have designed stylish shaped of robots which can be inspiring for those who want to make 3D characters and especially robots. These fascinating 3D robots are making in 3D Max, Cinema 4D, Soft Image, Maya, Lightwave etc. Today we have collected awesome collection of different kind 3D Robots for 3D lovers in this post.

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Extreme Graphics Art by Brilliant Graphic Artist Dan Luvisi

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Dan LuVisi is a digital concept artist from California. He is working in the film, video game and comic book industry. He has incredible skills of 3D movies characters, video game characters and comic books characters. He has since worked for some of the biggest entities in their field, and worked on Batman and Superman for DC Comics, followed by work for Hasbro, FOX, Universal, Microsoft and a number of gaming companies. Today we are here with some of his work which will be inspirational for all graphic designers.

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Amazing 60+ High Quality 3D Wallpapers

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There are a great number of fans of 3 Dimensional wallpapers out there. 3D wallpapers are always been a great source of inspiration. 3D images always become a master piece of art when any expert put his creativity and experience in these. There are different software and tools to create 3D artwork like Maya, 3D Max, Blender, Caligair and photoshop. Read more “Amazing 60+ High Quality 3D Wallpapers”

Collage of Exceptional 3D Abstract Inspiration

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Today we have showcased some exceptional 3D abstract inspiration. Featuring some fantastic artists making great use of 3D tools such as 3D Studio Max and Maya with a nice blend of Photoshop. By clicking on the  preview below will take you to the full sized version and will also give you the opportunity to visit the rest of artists portfolio.
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