Artists and Designers: Differences in Creativity

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What’s the difference between an artist and a designer? Quite a tough question, right? Though for many both are alike but in reality they have their own set of differences. Here in this article we have discussed about the approaches, pros and cons and respective target audience that need to consider before deciding the right profession for you between these two.

Definition of an ‘Artist’ and a ‘Designer’

Going by the definition of the terms, an ‘artist’ is a person who is mostly self-taught and works on various forms of art purely for aesthetic purpose. On the other hand, a ‘designer’ is an individual who is trained and has comprehensive professional knowledge of the designing process such as its elements, colors and structural layout.

Finding your way

It is universally said that if your passion becomes your work, you will surely enjoy doing it. Hence it is important that you choose your professional path rightly to enjoy the constant drive to update your skills and learn better.

Choosing the right professional path that suits you the best no doubt makes for an important and demanding task. Before you seal your decision, take a pause to consider your priorities in life: passion or quick earning? If you think you are driven more by the urge of passion and freedom, the profession of an artist is the right one for you. But if the urge to earn quick bucks beckons you, join the league of designers where you can still exhibit your creativity but with a bend, i.e. you need to abide to the needs, trends and demands of the market.

Knowing your Strengths

When deciding about your career, it is important that you know about your strengths and weaknesses properly. As everyone has his individual set of skills, no two people are similar. Hence when working in a field where your creativity speaks for yourself, it is suggested that you try to use your strengths to your advantage.

Highlight Your Area of Expertise

With newer techniques and technologies coming up every year to make your work easier and effortless, multitasking across different programs is possible. If you are working in a small company as a designer, you can surely give multi tasking a try but gradually you will understand that it makes you a jack-of-all-trades, but master of none. But to stand tall among the competitive crowd of today, you need to be an expert of your work. Thus at some point, you will surely need to narrow down your area of expertise to focus and highlight your proficiency.

Know Your Standard

Whichever profession you opt for, be it of an artist or a designer, it is important that you choose it wisely. Know your standards well to understand how things work in the particular field. It holds more significance if you are a self taught individual and need to learn the basics in the first place.

You may have the talent and creativity to create the most unique and original project, but if you don’t know the methods and ways of making it work, your hard efforts go in vain.

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