Are Mugs a Good Advertising Tool?

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In a competitive marketplace innovative advertising is a necessity. Business cards and brochures are good for promotion, but they are transient. Permanent items such as mugs and caps are becoming more popular with business. Printing services can produce these cheaply and printing company details on a mug can provide lasting advertising.

Advertising should be targeted

Using a mug to advertise is a good idea, but the essence of good promotion is targeting. A mug is a perfect promotional tool for a coffee company, a café or a tea shop. It is also a good tool for a company that targets office employees. The versatility of a mug makes it an effective advertising medium for many different businesses.

Mugs are cost effective

Printing the company logo on a mug is inexpensive. It is also a much longer lasting advertising medium than paper material such as posters and brochures. A mug can be reused and the information printed on it will be exposed to an audience for much longer than a brochure that will be thrown away after a few minutes reading time. The enduring nature of a mug makes it a cost effective advertising method.

Mugs are reusable

Mugs are a reusable item. Their longevity is the most important reason for their effectiveness. A mug can be used repeatedly and in many different places and forms. The message on the mug is thus repeatedly exposed to a wide range of people over a long period of time.

In addition the use of the mug puts the company message in a place where it is constantly seen by a potential customer. The mug is located in front of their face, in their hand, or on their desk where it can be seen every day.

Distribution is important

A well targeted advertising campaign will ensure that the material is distributed through appropriate outlets. Distributing mugs as a lunchtime promotion in the city, for example, will attract office workers and managers. It will create attention, increase brand awareness and cause interest in the product. Distribution methods should be organised to take advantage of the targeted market.

Mugs as gifts

A mug makes an ideal promotional gift for a customer or client. Giving a mug to a repeat customer will create good will and loyalty to the brand. It will also cause good word of mouth and increase the customer base.

Giving a mug to business associates will also create good will. The company information will be given exposure and the associates will have a positive impression of a generous company.

Printing services can create promotional mugs for an inexpensive price. The mug is an effective tool for promotion because it is permanent, reusable and prominent. A well targeted marketing campaign can use mugs to create interest, awareness and recognition of a brand. Mugs also have potential exposure to a larger customer base than printed material. A simple design with an impactful message on a mug could be an effective starting point for a much larger promotional campaign.

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