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The quintessence of success in online business is keeping your audiences engaged with your site forever. Leave them guessing over what comes next and deliver them what exactly they expect at the right time. Online business is a fast learning curve and educating yourself with trading prowess is the only way to stay healthy in the race. But, the job becomes much easier and simple if you own a WordPress website. With more than 15,000 plugins released and user-friendly features offered, the best way to exhibit your business endeavors with the help of WordPress is suggested. With video content emerging as a powerful source for enhancing the online presence of your business, WordPress comes out with all bells and whistles that fit the business needs of all.

1. WP Video Posts

This is an excellent video plugin particularly intended for uploading video posts and customizing them in an extraordinary fashion. On installing a special tool named FFMPEG, this plugin allows to convert the files into flash format. Support files type like FLV, F4V, MP4, AVI, etc.

2. Smart YouTube

Another fabulous video plugin that allows embedding YouTube videos into the blog post without any hassles and bustles. With plenty of customizable features like altering borders, colors, full screen presence, this is one of the widely used video plugin of all times.

3. EZWebPlayer WordPress Pro

With powerful customizable features and unlimited uploading of video posts to your blogs or websites, it allows people to manage them effectively as well. This is one of the highly preferred video plugins of all the time. Not to forget, it has been downloaded more than 10,000 times so far.

4. Interactive Video plugin

This plugin has got more features compared to others. It not only offers embedding of video but also assists in uploading, recording, and importing videos. It doesn’t just stop with that! Further, it allows to edit posts and to remix the content with online editor as well. A few more additional features like sharing videos, custom sizing has made this player highly sought after.

5. Pop-up Video Generator

Yet another stupendous plugin that allows to take FLV videos. Not only that, furthermore, you could adds amazing pop-up features to the links for text or images in the post.

6. Video Widget

A fantastic plugin that allows people to embed 25 videos or more than that along the sidebar of your website with no blues. The specialty of this fabulous plugin is that never requires any HTML coding and all it just needs is a video ID.

A captivating cool video on your website, with impressive addressing of what your business is all about, leaves the customers spellbound. Video content have become a compelling part of all business websites as they take (in fact talk) the business directly to the customers in a clear way. Boring texts and images have become a thing of the past with the strategy of implementing video content to the sites. So, once you are convinced with embedding a video content to your website, all you need to learn is about the plugins that could assist you in the process of uploading video contents to your site. So, a collection of WordPress plugins stated above will undoubtedly improve the performance of your business and to name a few, I have listed a few plugins that are user-friendly and easy-to-use.

Author-Bio: Riya Sherin is the author of this blog post. She has a very good exposure on joomla event registration module for CMS related websites. She is also an expert blogger, writing for the past 5 years.

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