7 Good Reasons to Inspire You to Set Up Ecommerce Business

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You would be surprised to know that not everyone wants to have his own business. At least for me it was quite a shock because I have always thought that having your own business is nothing short of blessing. So, I am going to direct this article to those who are either scare or don’t know how advantageous it can be to own, the feeling is ecstatic. However, for those who already have their business up and running they need not to know about the benefits of personal business.

The article as the heading says is about outlining the benefits of own business. There are few of them enlisted which are pretty much clear even to a layman however, some might be helpful to motivate you. This article will also be directed to those who are sitting idle waiting for someone to help them in setting up their business. 

If you are reading this, it means you either have good idea of Ecommerce business or at least you have heard the term ecommerce. So, I am not getting in to explaining the whole ecommerce business model you can read it easily on any ecommerce blog.

Online business is indeed much easier to start and even profitable however, it does not come without pitfalls and chaos. But it should not discourage you, all someone needs is to know some basic reasons of starting online business and perhaps start earning quick. These reasons are as follows:

Earn Freedom – It’s A Gift:

When I say online business is freedom then it is no exaggeration but truth because self-employment is the synonym of ultimate independence. Owning online business has this precious feature quality of freedom. It is evident that own business is not 9 to 5 but 24/7 duty but like I said freedom is a gift and one has to earn it. On the other hand, small medium business is not always very tight in terms of schedule owner can have abundant options of maneuvering the time as per his convenience. So own business empowers freedom and independence from uncertain employer.

7 Good Reasons Set Up Ecommerce Business

You Love What You Do:

There are few examples in history when someone started a business out of passion and failing miserably due to lack of resources. I think when you love what you do then the chances of failures are at minimum level. You all know the story of Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and many others. The passion of something definitely allows you to outlet your affection in to more profitable way and the history is full of such examples when passion started paying good sums.

7 Good Reasons Set Up Ecommerce Business

Financial Security – Nothing Short of Blessing:

You are self-employed or employed in a company, financial security is something you always either long or strive to have before the crisis struck. Ecommerce business or own business allow you to become more secure financially.
You don’t really bother much about the daily/monthly expenses but you then become able to vision beyond it. According to U.S census in 2007, personal small medium businesses on average earn $ 100,000 annually. This much amount coming every year would definitely mean financial security.

7 Good Reasons Set Up Ecommerce Business

You Should Do It:

Sometimes you don’t really need to have rationale behind every thought. At times you just feel the urge of doing something irrational and I think starting ecommerce business can also be a result of such a thought. People often start their online business because they think they have to do it so, don’t always wait for reasons but be proactive it often helps in a good way.

7 Good Reasons Set Up Ecommerce Business

Tax Benefits:

Paying tax is always hard even for an employed person. So owning a business can become pain especially in terms of tax. But look at the other side of the picture. For example, an ecommerce business based in your home can mean that a portion of mortgage payments, utility bills, or even transport cost may be deducted from your tax liability. It may sound absurd but there is no harm in checking out IRS tax benefits, it may be possible that you like the offerings.

7 Good Reasons Set Up Ecommerce Business

Hire According to Your Own Taste:

This is fun part because in own business you are not bound to sit next to most annoying colleague just because your boss thought he is a gem. In own business, you are going to be the one who decides which person will go along with you smoothly. The chaos of co-working can be fixed and in return you might find some really nice people for your work and social circle.

7 Good Reasons Set Up Ecommerce Business

Don’t Fear Job Loss:

I know the feeling of being laid off during downsizing season. It kills you from inside and there is no exaggeration. When you have your own business then there is no fear of getting kicked out of your job because you are the one who owns the company.

7 Good Reasons Set Up Ecommerce Business


To me above reasons are enough to motivate me in setting up my own ecommerce business. It has it’s risks I know but the profit is also generous. Especially in tough times, I don’t want to live my life depending on the big wigs to take decisions that are in favor of an employee. So learn a skill and start using it. Internet is a big world and gracious too it will always consume the skill people with handsome financial returns.

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  1. Great article – the last 12 months for us has shown a greater increase in e-commerce sites for clients (and particularly m-commerce or mobile commerce). Never been a better time to set up an e-commerce site.

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