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We’ve all heard stories from our parents and grandparents about how we’ve got it so easy and things were tougher back in their day. If only my Grandpa knew how to use a computer I’m sure he’d be telling me about when he was my age he was having to use programs like Notepad and TextEdit to develop websites. I would be the first to admit that we do have it a lot easier these days, especially with so many options when it comes to developing a site. Today’s options range from as little as free, to several hundred dollars.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is often seen as the industry standard when it comes to web development.  Currently in version CS5.5, I can remember sitting in a friend’s bedroom back in 1997 while he plugged away at Dreamweaver 1.0.  Never mind the fact we were only in middle school, but looking back now I chuckle at how primitive those times seemed.

Komodo Edit

If you’re not quite rolling in the funds, or you just don’t think you need to, Komodo Edit won’t set you back a penny and is an incredible HTML website design program.  Of course this open source program has a commercial version, Komodo IDE, that will set you back $382 for a single license, but the open source version offers several of the same features.  They support a wide range of programming languages, a database explorer, easy-to-sync publishing system, and a sidebar source tree that makes navigating your site a breeze.

Microsoft Expressions Web

FrontPage has was left by the wayside quite some time ago, but Microsoft did complete bail on the whole web design game. Microsoft Expression Web has since replaced FrontPage and is currently in its fourth version.  Less than half the price of Dreamweaver or the commercial version of Komodo, you can pick up a copy of Expression Web for $149 and still have the full gamut of useful tools that you get in the other, more expensive programs.  A multi-browser debugging and compatibility tool makes checking the cross-browser functionality of your site as easy as the click of a button, it also integrates itself flawlessly with Photoshop.


NetBeans is another free HTML editor that makes it easy for you to develop regular websites as well as mobile devices, and even allows you to create desktop applications as well.  Live parsing tells you of errors immediately, keeping you free from repeatedly uploading to a server and checking your work.  There is also a code completion feature to help speed things along, supporting languages like Java, C/C++, PHP, Groovy, XML, HTML, JSP, JavaScript, and Javadoc.


Known for their Flash website creator, www.wix.com is launching an online, free HTML editor on March 26, 2012.  It will be a drag-and-drop system, come loaded with professional stock photos for you to use, and all the other great features that are currently offered with their Flash website creator.  Best of all, the Wix HTML website creator is also free!  Be sure to check it out, as it’s an easy solution for everyone, whether you’ve been programming for years or are brand new to the game.

No matter what your budget or background is in web development, there are enough programs and options out there today for you to be able to build your own website.  I shake my head at how much time I could have saved in my teenage years with some of these programs.  Perhaps it’s a sign of me getting old, but we really do have it pretty easy these days.

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Scott Stanton has spent the past decade working nights developing HTML websites as a freelance web designer, only to write about the latest HTML website design trends at his day job as a freelance writer.  Scott is a regular contributor for Wix.com and you can hang on his every word @TheScottStanton"

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