5 Android Photography Apps Worth a Thousand Words

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Thirty years ago, when mobile phone first became commercially available in the US, the idea of having a camera installed on your phone was as much science fiction as mobile phones themselves had been thirty years before that.

Today there is a camera installed on almost every camera on the market, some of them even getting better resolution than older generation single function digital cameras. We can capture any moment on the go and send it to our friends or post it on Facebook instantly. We can even edit these photos on our phone, without ever having to download them to a PC or laptop.

If you have a happy shutter finger and an eye for color correction, or the need to enhance every photo you take with effects, effects, effects, than these Android photo editing applications will be a godsend.

Camera Illusion

Camera Illusion is the perfect app for those camera-photographers that are never satisfied leaving a picture in its original state. With this program you can take pictures and then run them through a gauntlet of filters, effects, and masks, all in real-time. Want to take that picture of your Boston terrier and turn it into a Toulouse-Lautrec-esque mosaic? This is the app for you.

Photo Workshop

Less for flashy effects-based editing than for simple, basic functions like cropping, rotating, text overlaying, re-sizing, tuning, and so forth, Photo Workshop is a very versatile, very capable little software. 

Photoshop for Android

Any serious photographer, designer, or general visual enthusiast knows about Photoshop—it is the probably the most well-known photo editing powerhouse suite on the market. And now Android users can download it and use a distilled version of it on their phones. Users have access to all the major tools—crop, resize, color correct, among many others—and can also name the photos, tag them, and upload them to Photoshop’s online photo library.

PRO Zoom Camera 5X

Ever wish that your camera could just zoom in a little closer to your subject? Look no further than the PRO Zoom Camera 5X app. With this app your camera will be capable of 5X digital zoom, no matter what your camera’s standard zoom capability is. This little gem also includes rudimentary editing features, such as some effects, text-overlay, clip art, paint, and brightness and contrast.

Flickr Uploader Pro

As fast as most phones can upload pictures to social networks these days, sometimes you might wish that your phone could just send every picture you took to an online storage space. Wish granted. The Flickr Uploader Pro app automatically uploads every picture you take to your Flickr account, where you can later view, alter, download, or send them as you please. Never lose another photo again!

There are hundreds of photo apps, and probably hundreds more to come, and as phones get more advanced people might not ever edit a photo on a computer again!

This guest post is contributed by Lauren Bailey, who regularly writes forbest online colleges. She welcomes your comments at her email Id blauren99 @gmail.com.

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