36 Color Gradient Sets For Photoshop and Resource Sites

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Today i was finding some gradients for design a web layout and i got a beautiful collection of gradients for Photoshop. There are big variety of many color generators, color palettes and things like that, but not many really focus on Photoshop gradients. I really love gradients, many beautiful websites and logos are created just by using color variations in subtle, very creative way. Now here I am listing downloadable gradients for designer community hopefully they will like and use this.

Ultimate Web 2.0 Gradients

This freebie from Dezinerfolio has been create 2 years ago already, but I think anyway you’ll find this useful, if you need quick premade gradient selection.


Official Adobe Website – Gradient Section

I really don’t know why, but this section doesn’t seem to be very popular, it’s DeviantArt where you can find really beautiful Photoshop resources and actually just everything else too design related. Anyway I found on this site many gradients worth downloading anyway, they have most recent, most popular and highest rated sections to sort out really outdated and not so good looking gradients.



Currently 287 gradient sets for Photoshop (until CS3) and Photoshop Elements available on this site. But that’s not all, you’ll find on this site also brushes, icons and several tutorials there. For me this page was really good discovery.

One more thing – if you create something like that for free, consider this to be one place to put your work on getting back your full credits.


Free Photoshop : Free Photoshop Gradients

17 very colorful gradients can be found there, again note they are supporting Photoshop (R) CS 3, CS 2, CS 7, 6 and Photoshop (R) Elements 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, PC + MAC OS X. Good thing is you can found there also free styles, brushes, shapes, plugins.


1000 Free Gradients – Web 2.0 Gradients

Beautiful colorful gradients, you might think they are too simple, but I think right good color code selections are key to success in design and at start or just in rush such freebies really can help to get maximal effect in the shortest time period.


Free4Photoshop – Free Photoshop Gradients

There are nine free gradient sets every set containing 30 unique gradients including single color, multicolor, transparent etc. You can see examples in live in the screenshot below.


BioRust – Photoshop Gradients

This is one more site where you need to register in order to download the files, but again I think it’s worth it, Biorust website also offers free fonts, actions, shapes, patterns, website templates – be sure to check them out too in download section.


Gradient Image Maker

Gradient images are used everywhere in web page design, ie, as the background of form buttons, DIVs, to act as shadows and other interesting visual effects etc. This online tool is created to allow you painlessly generate a gradient image of 3 types, with instant previewing so you get exactly what you had in mind.


Hand Picked Photoshop Gradients Packs From Deviantart

BOLD gradient pack by Kip0130

This gradient pack with 3 gradients is very popular and I was surprised at first. Then I downloaded those gradients and tried them – simple but very beautiful color selection, so in this case totally more is less.


Shattereds Gradients by shattereddesigns07


Heritage Platinum Ps Gradients by ElvenSword

These gradients are really good color picks resembling many different metal color. I really love these variations.


AKLPs Gradient Pack 1 by AKLP


20 soft yellow gradients by KumquatsLair

20 soft yellow gradients-photoshop

20 soft blue gradients by KumquatsLair

20 soft blue gradients

20 soft orange gradients by KumquatsLair

20 soft orange gradients-photoshop

Vintage Gradients by ARTiK-NL

I enjoy subtle colors and beautiful yet simple variatons in this on.


51 Gradient Varieties by Liasmani


88 Gradient Varieties by Liasmani


66 Gradient Varieties by Liasmani


43 Gradient Varieties by Liasmani


Gradients 003: Skin Brightener by purplefeen

Gradients-free-photoshop-Skin Brightener

Retroactive Gradients by magdalena-stock


12 Gradients by kazugfx

Gradient Pack 2 by kazugfx

Now you should be nice list to choose from. I’ll continue also with Part 2 and Part 3 of this article showcasing many more tools, tutorials and actual inspirational web and logo designs which are created using very precise and beautiful gradient effects so stay with us!


Currently there are 67 gradient sets for Photoshop available, though you must register for free to get those files, but there are even more really good free download files so I really think it’s worth – I registered and nothing bad happened, there must be filled just few required fields and you’re in!


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