30 Text Effects Tutorials of Photoshop

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Typography is an important thing in designing world and with special effects we can make our typography more dazzling. Photoshop is a very powerful tool to make your text stunning. Below you can get a great collection of text effect tutorials of Photoshop. You can use these styles for web media, print media, multimedia and whatever you want.

Create a 3D flowery text effect

Design soft stylized 3D type
Learn the basics of creating polished 3D type using Illustrator and Photoshop.

3D text with a touch of grunge
A pretty detailed tutorial that shows you how to create grungy 3D text.

Stunning 3D effects in 30 minutes
Together, with a pinch of this and a dash of that, we’ll figure out how to create this cool effect in just 30 minutes.

3D texture
Create amazing 3D-textured text with Illustrator and Photoshop in this in-depth tutorial.

Funky 3D-style letters
A straightforward guide to creating funky 3D-style letters.

How to create high-quality metal 3D text in Photoshop
This tutorial shows you how to create 3D text and give it a high-quality metal look using only Photoshop.

Create a spectacular flaming meteor effect on text
Take typography one step further by having text falling from the sky in a burning inferno. Yes, this is the text-on-fire tutorial to end all text-on-fire tutorials. It uses a little Illustrator for the text and a lot of Photoshop to burn up the screen!

Vanity License Plate
In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a custom vanity license plate using a few basic Photoshop tools a piece of reference material and some creative layer stylings.

Barbed wire
Wrap your text in barbed wire!

Slow-shutter effect
Learn how to create this beautiful slow-shutter text effect.

Vibrant pop text effect
In just a few moments, you can add a vibrant splash to your text that will really give your design a pop-culture flavor!

Create a layered glowing text effect
In this tutorial, we will create this effect using very basic Photoshop tools and layering effects.

Scan-line text
Create a style dubbed “Scan-Line Text,” which is basically text that glows like bright scan lines, with a smart reflection as well. Learn how to create this amazing yet simple effect with this easy-to-follow tutorial.

Transparent glass lettering in Photoshop
In this tutorial, you’ll use some super layer effects and a bit of magic to make a lettering style that looks transparent and stunning.

Smoke type in Photoshop in 10 steps
Learn how to create a smoke typography effect by playing with some brushes and adjustment layers. It’s a very easy tutorial, and you will be able to finish the whole process in 5 to 10 minutes.

A slick supernatural text effect
Create a smoky night effect with text, giving it an eerie supernatural feel. It’s a good exercise in using the wave distortion filter.

Typography wallpaper in Photoshop
Why not design your own typographic wallpaper from now on?

Super-cool frilly bits typography
In this tutorial, you will learn how to mix some vectors with letters to create a really nice design. This one is a personal favorite.

Graffiti with Photoshop
When you don’t have the guts to pull this off in the real world, Photoshop to the rescue. Learn how to make graffiti with Photoshop.

Create a trendy typographic poster design
Using simple shapes, you can produce some great-looking contemporary designs that create a big impact on posters; another good example being the recent Trendy Geometric Lines tutorial.

Dramatic text-on-fire effect in Photoshop
Learn how to use a photograph of fire to strike text to the match. This is a beautiful tutorial, a must-see. 17

Paper-craft text effect
In this tutorial, you will learn how to create paper-craft text effects.

Reflective liquid type
Create liquid text, a very handy trick.

How to create a gold text effect in Photoshop
Learn how to create a gold text effect. I personally love this effect, so subtle yet powerful.

Text in stitches
In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to convert text to a path and stitch that path using a custom brush set.

Paint-splodged text
This is a quick text effect tutorial. It shows you how to simply create paint-splodged text.

Create a spectacular grass text effect in Photoshop
In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a rather cool-looking grass text effect.

Quick and dirty Photoshop text effects from scratch (six tutorials in one)
Learn how to make six different effects using just layer styles. So really, this is like six tutorials in one!

Create a dream-like design with 3D typograph
This detailed tutorial shows you how to create a 3D typography-based design. All the elements revolve around the theme of dreaming.

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