20 Super Colourful Printed Flyers

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Successful flyer designs by their nature must be eye-catching, and one of the best ways to achieve this is by using super colour schemes. Bright colours and combinations of different hues are great ways of grabbing the viewer’s attention, and can be used to reflect the nature of the event that is being advertised. This post brings together 20 examples of printed flyers from around the world, a showcase to demonstrate the power of super colourful design.

1. Reload

This cool flyer design for the ninth anniversary of Javabass in Jakarta combines vector graphics, dynamic lettering and bold colours.

2. Snowa

This colourful flyer is for Snowa, a club night hosted by Cicterna Hall in Moscow.

3. The Apartment

Designer Kris Balerite created this design as part of a commission for The Apartment Lounge and Club, one of the leading nightclub venues in Dubai.

4. Releu Holiday

There are some really nice gradients and hues in this colourful flyer design, presented by graphic designer Endre Herczeg.

5. Psychedelic Carnival

Swiss-based trance label Aphonix Records presents the Psychedelic Carnival with a suitably vibrant flyer design.

6. SXSW Backyard Blowout

This retro handmade-style flyer is for an electro hip-hop backyard party hosted by Fused Magazine and Texan club organisers Dance Your Face Off.

7. X-Ray Vision

A colourful retro-futuristic flyer design for X-Ray Vision, a conceptual club night created by Noemi Martinez and Alexa Marlen at London club The Last Days of Decadence.

8. Carnival Rave

This colourful and playful flyer design is for a 90s-themed rave event at Corsica Studios in south London.

9. Will Taylor and Strings Attached

This flyer has a nice retro aesthetic emphasised by the kaleidoscopic guitar silhouettes for Will Taylor’s performances of classic hits from Pink Floyd, The Police and Led Zeppelin.

10. Chocolate

Chocolate is an evening of 1980s-style electro and techno, reflected in this flyer design with its cassette tapes, keyboard, Rubik’s Cube and neon colouration.

11. Splash Multicolor Party

This multicolour flyer advertises the Splash Multicolor New Year’s Eve party.

12. Party in Pijamale

This stylish flyer is for a party night at Club TAO featuring DJ Czar, with a monochrome portrait of the DJ overlaid with a rainbow colour scheme.

13. DJ Energy K

This design employs seductively warm colours to advertise another event at Club TAO, this time headlined by DJ Energy K.

14. Flava Flave

Cape Town-based design duo Justin Poulter and Simon Berndt work under the name of One Horse Town creating beautifully drawn and coloured posters and flyers such as this fast food-themed piece.

15. Studio Martin

This appealingly colourful flyer advertises a party to celebrate 15 years of clubbing at Studio Martin in Bucharest, Romania.

16. Juicy Fruit

Latvia-based designers Sergio Laskin and Roman Papush of Studio43 created this fruity flyer for Juicy Fruit, a party event presented by the Push club in Riga.

17. Bad Taste Party

German designer Fabda presents this flyer for the Bad Taste Party at a LFS Bensheim in Heppenheim, Germany.

18. MC Frontalot

Meredith Scheff, who works under the name of The Lady Cartoonist, created this striking flyer for a ‘nerdcore’ hip-hop gig in San Francisco featuring MC Frontalot.

19. Epiphany

Bristol-based designer Albinal designed this funky flyer for Epiphany, a drum and bass, dubstep and breakbeat party after the city’s St Paul’s Carnival.

20. The VAC After Party

Finally, this striking creation for the Venice Art Crawl uses geometric shapes, neat typography and beautiful neon colours to attract the viewer’s attention, a brilliant example of flyer design.

Above mentioned examples of flyer printing designs will be helpful to get inspiration to make flyer for your promotional campaign. As you know flyer is a great way to announce your message so you can use this medium of advertisement for business promotion.

This post was contributed by James who works at Cartridge Save, a leading UK based supplier of cheap ink cartridges and printer supplies.

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