20 Apps that Help Freelance Designers Be More Productive

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Enhance your productivity through the use of some great applications. Here are twenty essential applications that will make your output soar.

1. YouSendIt

Instead of huge files cluttering up your inbox, you receive a simple message from Yousendit. Send massive files to your clients quickly and easily.

2. Basecamp

Basecamp allows you to create milestones, track the progress of projects, and share your information with clients. Its popularity stems from the easy to use interface and user centered dashboard.

3. Zoho

The Zoho suite includes CRM, web based documentation, a calendar and much more.

4. Skype

Skype keeps you connected to the world through video chatting and instant messaging.

5. Avast!

This antivirus program keeps your computer free of malware.

6. Seesmic

Coordinate your Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter with Seesmic and keep everything in one place.

7. Adobe Reader

An essential productivity tool for any freelancer, Adobe Reader allows you to read PDF files with ease.

8. Toggl

An essential web based time tracking tool for freelancers who charge by the hour.

9. OpenOffice

OpenOffice allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, drawings and PDFs with just the touch of a button.

10. Carbonite

Carbonite secures your files online in case of computer crashes.

11. Freshbooks

This accounting program helps you create and send invoices.

12. Stock Xchng

This site has hundreds of thousands of free stock photos available for your use. The pictures are divided into easy to navigate categories.

13. Live365

Live365 is a free music site where you can listen to any genre.

14. LeechBlock

With LeechBlock, you set the window that you can view a site.

15. Remember The Milk

A task management application which sends email reminders.

16. iContact

This email marketing application will help you generate new business and keep the old.

17. Delicious

Delicious is a great research tool. Find out what others are bookmarking.

18. PayPal

Make it easy to get paid with PayPal.

19. TweetDeck

Keep track of tweets and learn what others are saying about you in Twitter.

20. Google Trends

Get ideas from the latest search trends.
With the right applications, your freelance productivity will go through the roof.

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