15 Useful Free Resources for Amateur Designers

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If you are an amateur web designer, it is likely you go to many different sources for help in web design. However, when you are new in the industry, It is really hard to search for sources that are of great help. That’s the reason why it’s very helpful to get all resources in one material. Thing is, top web hosting is just around the corner. But what about design? Thanks to the internet, you can typically find help from thousands of sources at the drop of a hat. However, it is often more useful to bookmark a handful of sources that work well so you don’t have to keep
looking each time you need new help.

1. First, check out Sourceforge. Sourceforge is the largest repository of free open source software on the internet, and includes a number of packages and kits for web design. Whether you are looking for codes to use as a web hosting reseller or simply looking to get your feet wet in open source software, Sourceforge is a good place to start.

Source Forge

2. Google is everywhere these days, and one of their less heard of but most useful projects is Google code. This site includes web tools and tutorials for web designers of all levels of experience. Code implementation guides are also provided, as is information on current trends in web design.


3. If you’re interested in tutorials, it’s hard to do better than W3schools. This is one of the premier sites on the internet for web building tutorials. Tutorials are included for free for almost all languages used commonly in web building. Beginners will find this page particularly useful, as the site allows you to execute and edit your codes over the internet.


4. For sharing your projects, try Digitalpoint. Through Digitalpoint, you can share your web design products with everyone. You can also post blogs and engage in online guidance procedures. Free software is also available.


5. Lots of online support is available at Smashing Magazine. Smashing magazine is a web site with a blog like design. Web designers and developers can take advantage of its online support resources. The site also provides ratings of different tools for web design and software frequently used by beginners.

Smashing Magazine

6. Designers always want to usefull resource where from they can find inspirational material. Design Dazzling is an excellent website for any kind of material which is related to design, print media and web.

Design Dazzling

7. For troubleshooting, check out Webmasterworld. Webmasterworld is designed from top to bottom for web professionals, and allows you to share and distribute your ideas with fellow designers through conferencing technology. You can also take advantage of opportunities for electronic learning and troubleshooting over the internet.


8. If you like technology books, you need to check out Sitepoint. Through Sitepoint, you can read various online books and magazines related to web design. It resembles a blog but allows you to check out various books in a PDF format.


9. For updates and standardization protocols, head over to W3. Through W3, you can stay up to date with some of the latest developments in web design and programming. You can use W3 to standardize your website to make sure it is compatible with the rest of the internet.


10. If you’re looking for free hosting and customization ideas, visit Bravenet, which includes free tools for web development and site customization. You can also potentially host your site there for free, although this option is not guaranteed for all web developers. You can also read some best cheap web hosting reviews to get an affordable provider.


11. Most of designer want to use learning resource regrading design they should must visit Tutorials Palace. Here you can find different kind of tutorials and learning techniques on design and development.

Tutorials Palace

12. If you like web2.0 designs, flash sites, blogs and other websites, you need to check out Trendy Showcase. Through trendyshowcase, you can find a lot of design inspirations, tools, different kind of Flash websites, cool collections of blogs and many more.

Trendy Showcase

13. Some people learn best through videos. If that describes you, check out Internet. Through Internet, you can view video tutorials and read electronic books, as well as stay up to date on the latest developments in web design and technology.


14. If you’re looking for more news on trends, try Six Revisions. Six Revisions also provides information on the latest fashions and trends in web design and development. You can use the freebie section to learn about freely available web design tools.

Six Revisions

15. Finally, try Noupefor coding hacks. Noupe includes tutorials on CSS, Photoshop, and Ajax, while including add ons for sites such as WordPress.


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