Web2.0 Style Logos Tutorial

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Same like web 2.0 websites now people want to create their logos on web 2.0 styles. Today we collected some beautiful tutorials which will teach you that how to make web 2.0 style logos.
Jelly Remake logo_design_1 Web 2.0 Style Logo logo_design_2 How to Make a Web 2.0-Style Logo logo_design_3 Learn to create your own Web2.0 Logo logo_design_4 How to create a WEB 2.0 style logo logo_design_5 Web 2.0 Logo #2 | Designphase logo_design_6 Web 2.0 Logo | Designphase logo_design_7 Web 2.0 Logo logo_design_8 Pimp My Ride - Logo logo_design_9 The Logos of Web 2.0 | The FontFeed at FontShop logo_design_10 web2logo.com logo_design_11 Flickr Photo Download: LOGO2.0 part I and II logo_design_12

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