Turn-off Factors for Design Clients

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When we talk about graphic designing, talent is not the only thing that can take you a long way. A lot of other factors are included. As a designer, you are always on the look for new clients and it is very important to sustain old clients as well. Your work definitely speaks for itself but maintaining a healthy relationship with your client is as important as coming up with an exceptional piece of creativity. The way you handle your clients and their advices can have a huge impact on your future relationship with them. Also, it is very obvious that every client that comes you way is not going to have the same kind of nature and attitude so you must have the ability to deal with different sorts of people.

When you get a new project, your first task should be to understand the nature and personality of your client so that you can handle him accordingly. This will help you in connecting with them in a better way. For every client, you have to act a little different but there are a few things which are absolutely a big no for all the designers as they can affect your relationship with your clients which will end up in loosing a good client. Following are a few turn off factors for design clients which should be avoided by the designers:

Dominating and Bossy Designers

You will find a lot of dominating and bossy people in your daily lives and such people at times are not willing to understand and accept anyone’s idea or point of view. This can be very annoying. Same goes for graphic designers as there are a few designers who like to do and handle everything on their own and do not even bother about client’s feedback. Since they are way too over confident about their choices, they take it as an insult if someone else is giving them directions.

With such attitude, even if your work is good, you will end up loosing a client as no one would like to be dominated and dictated all the time especially when it’s their own project. A client has every right to interfere and give suggestions in your work and as a good designer; you should welcome their feedback and suggestions. If you will act all bossy and dominating, the client would never come to you with his future projects since his first experience was not that welcoming. 

Designer Who Is Too Subservient

One has to keep a balance in every field of life. As mentioned above, one does not have to be a dominating designer but that does not mean that a designer should be way too submissive. This means that as a designer you cannot even take a single decision on your own. Also, if you will be going to client in order to ask each and everything, it will annoy the client as well and he will definitely think that if he had to handle everything, why he hired you in the first place.

Always remember that you are the designer and client has come to you expecting that you know it all. A client is supposed to tell you the things to do and you should know how to do them. Not only you will annoy the client with too many questions, he can take undue advantage of yours as well since you are doing everything according to him. Try to maintain a balance as client’s feedback is very important but remember, you are the designer at the end of they day and its your duty to come up with a great design.

An Over Confident Designer

A lot of people think that exhibiting over confidence is a positive thing but this is not the case. This will give you client and impression that you are a careless designer. Showing your client that you know it all can land you into trouble at times. Even if you are a freelancer, you should make your client realize that you take designing as a proper profession and instead of acting over confident, act professional.

Your overconfidence will definitely go against you as client might think they have made a wrong decision by selecting. Even if you know you are extremely good at your work, let your work speak for yourself instead of your attitude.

Act Professional

One should always keep personal and professional life poles apart. Also, if a client is criticizing you, he is actually criticizing your work so you should not take things to heart. Yes, you should never compromise on your personal pride and integrity but as long as client is speaking about your work, you should accept the criticism with a smile on your face.

Healthy criticism is always fruitful as it helps you in improving your work. If you start taking criticism personally, a client will get an idea that you are not a professional and he will never come back to you as you do not have the courage to accept criticism. You will have to deal with difficult clients in professional life and you are a true professional if you handle such situations with a smile on your face.

Look Professional

I have seen a lot of graphic designer who are okay with anything and everything that they wear. In other words they do not take their appearance very seriously. Staying casual is fine but that too has a limit. You cannot go and meet a client in a wrinkled shirt or pants. You have to look professional and avoid looking sloppy as much as possible.

Your appearance is going to be your first impression and in professional world, appearance is considered to be very important. If you are appearing too casual, a client might think that you will handle their project in the same way and might not trust you with any other projects.

Assuming Things on Your Own

Never even makes assumptions in a designing project. If you are confused about something, ask your client instead of making assumptions and doing it all wrong. Your assumptions will make a project that you think is perfect and your client might not think the same. A client will feel really bad if he thinks that you do not even bother taking his opinions on important things related to the project.

Do Not Come Across As a Lazy Designer

When you are working on your own chances are that you might postpone today’s work on tomorrow. Going slow and steady might not be an issue but you are not supposed to extend deadlines just because you were not feeling like working. If you are too lazy to reply to your client’s emails and calls, they would never contact you in future.

Communication Skills

Last but not the least, good communications skills are very important in order to succeed in every walk of life. If you are unable to communicate with your client properly, you are only welcoming misunderstandings. You won’t be able to get a project on your terms and conditions since you won’t be able to convince a client. Due to lack of communication your project might suffer and a client will never come back to you for more work.

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