Ten Tools for Simpler, Better Web Designs

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Here are ten tools to simplify web design. These tools are for HTML5, and while version 5 has more functionality than its predecessors, these utilities will make things even easier.

1. Font Dragr

This tool is designed for developers who have problems with fonts in HTML5. To use, simply drag and drop fonts from your computer in Font Dragr in Chrome or Firefox. The software supports Web Open Font Format (WOFF), scalable vector graphics (svg), opentype (otf) and true type (ttf).

2. HTML5 Visual Cheat Sheet

This is basically a visual grid that lists every tag used in HTML. Supported attributes of HTML 4 and 5 are also included. This tool is handy for all HTML developers. It is basically a cheat sheet that will help you with the design.

3. Online HTML5 Audio Maker Tool

As the name suggests, the program provides you with an audio solution with the most popular browsers. If you want to add audio for HTML5, you will be able to add audio tags and use different formats.

4. Modernizer

This program consists of a JavaScript library senses if websites have CSS3 and HTML5 implementations. Modernizer allows you to point to particular browser functionality for your style sheet. It’s a great tool for making the most out of CSS3 and version 5 of HTML.

5. Lime JS

Of the ten tools to simplify web design, this is definitely one of the most useful. It is a game framework so you can develop native-experience games for desktop browsers and touchscreens. This software is for desktop and mobile game developers.

6. Initializer

Developed for designers who want to create a new HTML5 boilerplate project, it helps you make customizable and clean templates. It will really speed up your design.

7. Sketchpad

This is a web based painting and drawing tool (created with JS and HTML). Basically it is used for drawing and editing images in the manner you want. Sketchpad was built for designers who want to paint using JavaScript. The interface is user friendly and is very simple to use.

8. Flash to HTML5 Online

As the name suggests, it is a tool used for converting flash to HTML. With it, you can change an SWF file to HTML including image, lines and text. The application works with Mac and Windows. If you have a lot of flash files that need to be converted to HTML, this is something you cannot do without.

9. Video JS

This is a JavaScript based video player. The software is made up of an HTML/CSS skin, a JavaScript library and an embed code. The software is designed for developers who operate video sites and want to give their website a consistent appearance. This software also ensures that your files are compatible across different devices and browsers.

10. FindmebyIP

This program will let you know browser’s degree of support for HTMl5.

Other Information

There are undoubtedly a lot of other software programs available, and it’s always a good idea to check them out. After all, version 5 of HTML is still undergoing changes; you will want to have the latest tools available to get the most out of it.

The ten tools to simplify web design are intended for people with some knowledge of coding. If you are not yet familiar with the coding process, it’s best to learn them first before trying these tools out.

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