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Someone once said that mathematics is one of the most beautiful sciences in the entire world, as it represents order and symmetry. Today, we know that mathematic calculations represent important pathways through which we demonstrate our rationality as human beings. As a matter of fact, more and more web designers have started to realize the connection that exists between mathematics and web design. Just imagine that you can borrow mathematical principles and use them as ingenious tools for producing unique designs. Whether you base your creations on illustrative diagrams or you follow the mathematical principles by the book, you still have to gain as a professional web designer. And the final result is represented by a distinct element, theme or style.

Golden rectangles

One of the best designs that mathematics can offer to an experienced web designer is the minimalistic kind. If you have decided to realize a website that has a lot of photo or video galleries, portfolios of any type or simply presents a wealth of products, then choosing the golden rectangles and the minimalistic design is certainly a great idea. You might have heard about the golden rectangle before, this being the rectangle in which the side lengths have the golden ration of one to phi. This being said, you must know that the usage of golden rectangles is recommended for the websites in which one desires a lot of white space, creating an atmosphere that can only be described as serene.

The rule of thirds

Mathematics is all about rules, allowing people to activate their left side of the brain and discover new strategies. In the field of web design, you might imagine that number sequences can be pretty useful but you might have a hard time trying to figure things out. While the Fibonacci design is based on a sequence of numbers, being recommended for determining important aspects of certain website elements (length, size etc.), the rule of thirds is actually related to another mathematical principle. You might find a similarity between the golden rectangles and the rule of thirds, as the principle is basically the same. The only difference is given by the division ratio.

The rule of thirds applied in web design is important as it allows any web designer to give fluency to the content’s website. What does this mean? Well, let’s say you want to post several articles to be read by various people visiting your website. Applying the rule of thirds, you will divide the web page into nine parts and you will position the titles of the articles at the intersection of various lines. This kind of alignment is very important for the harmony of a website and you can certainly understand why the rule of thirds is considered to be one of the most essential mathematical principles useful in the world of web design.

Smart use of geometrical figures

Browsing the Internet to discover more information on the subject, you will soon start to notice that each and every website has something borrowed from the world of mathematics. If you have a keen eye for detail and you also know a thing or two about mathematics, then it will definitely notice even certain designs that have a certain "unique" factor about them. For example, there are geometrical figures used for the making of animations that appear on certain website or even as a base for a page layout. Along with the golden rectangles, the usage of geometrical figures in general is recommended for the making of portfolios or for product-oriented websites. Experienced web designers have learned to make unlimited usage of the geometrical figures in their applications, given that they are so incredibly simple to be used.

Sine wave design

It’s incredibly how something that, at first sight, seems to have no relation to web design can actually relate in so many ways. The previous sentence might not make any sense to someone who isn’t used to trying new things but if you have decided to incorporate mathematics into your every day creations, then you will understand for sure. The sine wave design has started to become increasingly popular among web designers, especially when it comes to single page website layouts. Not only is this type of layout very simple but it allows for the fast and easy organization of the website content.

The grid systems

The close relationship between mathematics and web design can also be redefined if you also take into consideration the grid systems that have been used for so many years now. Just think about the fact that a grid system allows for a certain division ratio, something that can definitely be useful for someone who is trying to create a web page. Using a grid system, the content on your website will be beautifully arranged, without running the risk of clutters. Considering all that, you can certainly picture the layout of a website functionally arranged with the help of a grid system.

Albert Einstein said that mathematics is "the poetry of logical ideas". Another important man of the decade declared that one should go "deep enough into anything" and mathematics would be discovered. In a few years from now, we will probably talk about web design and the way mathematics was incorporated into this field, only to result some splendid designs. As a web designer, you should not hesitate to try the mathematical solutions that were presented in this article and find others that might be just as suitable on your own.

Mathematicians and web designers have various things in common, including the fact that both of them prefer endless challenges. Allow yourself to master mathematics and all the strategies or systems that it has to offer, only to take the best of this field and apply it to the one of web design. You will soon be impressed of how beautiful your own creations have become, all of them demonstrating the order and symmetry you have borrowed from the world of mathematics. And the best thing is that others will start to notice your work too, congratulating you for turning to mathematics in the first place.

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