Marvelous Round-Up of 3D Studio Max and Maya Tutorials

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May and 3D Max are using in big screen business for making special effects. These both softwares have animation and strong modeling capabilities and include the whole things which you need to make high end animations and 3D graphics. These tools are now also using in web designing and logo designing. Now the majority of designers are learning and working for give enhanced look to their designs. It is quite difficult to learn these applications but there are a lot of tutorials online which make easy to learn.

Below, you'll find Marvelous Round-Up of 3D Studio Max and Maya Tutorials and Best Practices for your Graphics and Animation related needs.

Invisible Tutorial

Making of Jungle


The Making of The Tower

Making of The Hole

Upside down

Leather in vray

Illumination Tutorial (3dsmax MentalRay)

Realistic Spiderweb with Waterdrops

Camera Projection

Setup car rendering studio with V-ray

Lighting With Textures

IES light in Vray

Caustic effects

12 Tips for 3dsmax and your PC

Developing A Scripted Utility In 3ds Max-9


3D Modeling Car Rim

Monster from a Teapot Part-I Part-II

Making of Autobot, Transformers

Studio & light setup Part-I Part-II

Knight modeling

Making of Tallgate

Roman soldier

Fat Monster – Gordo (modeling) Part-I Part-II Part-III

Rendering Objects using Vray

Poly Head Modeling

Skullhead Mobster

Making Skullhead Mobster, by Harsh Borah.

Creating A 3D Sopwith Pup, Part one: The Engine

Classic Ashtray

Furniture Modeling

Fuse Bomb

Realistic Dart

Wooden Stool

Open Umbrella

Fluorescent Lightbulb

Realistic Toothbrush

The Making of A Winter Amid the Ice

Virtual beer

Making of The Crates

Tire modeling in 3D Max

Create a Windows-Like Logo

How to create an icon in 3D

Creating a cool neon sign

DNA priority tutorial

How to create cool tribal symbols and signs

The Yellow House

Making of the Auditorium with 3dsmax

Making of The Phoenix building


Exterior Scenes Part-I Part-II Part-III Part-IV

Creating Grass Land Using Pflow

Making of Wood/Concrete WC

Modeling of Schwerin Theater

Making of Light House

Building a Pyramid of Stones in 5 Minutes

Creating A New World

Making ASANTI wheels by photo

How to make realistic trees with SHAG

Sunrise of the 80's

Making a Water Fountain

Making a Pool

Interior Scenes Part-I Part-II

3d marble tomb model tutorial

Box Modeling a Male

Brief tutorial on the box-modeling technique.

Low Poly Character

In this tutorial, you will see how to create a low poly character in 3D.

Real-Time Character Modeling

Modeling a real-time character.

Subdivision Surfaces

Use subdivision surfaces to model a character in Maya.


This video tutorial teaches you how to model a face in Maya using polygons.

Texture Map NURBS Dragon

This tutorial teaches you how to paint 3D texture maps onto a NURBS dragon model.

Layered Texture

In this tutorial, you learn how to use the alpha channel of your projected image to "stencil" your image over or under other images in your geometry using a layered shader.


Basic tutorial on Maya fur.


Create a realistic tree in Maya.


Creating simple grass in Maya.

CG Nature

This tutorial shows you how to make terrain, trees and grass using Maya.

Realistic Ear

This tutorial shows you how to model a realistic human ear.

Human Anatomy UV Coordinates Setup for Texturing

Learn how to create your UV texture maps correctly so that they don't blur or stretch.


This tutorial shows you how to create a very realistic coin using Maya.

Keroro Gunso

In this Maya tutorial, you learn how to model Keroro Gunso.

Coffee cup

This tutorial shows you how to create a coffee cup in Maya.


This is a basic modeling tutorial that teaches you how to create a screw-driver and then use Final Gather to render global illumination, HDRI and depth of field.


Create a realistic-looking onion in Maya.

Mud Effect

Tutorial on creating a dynamic mud effect in Maya using soft body.

Wine Glass

This video tutorial teaches you how to model a wine glass in Maya.

LCD Monitor

In this tutorial, you learn the basic modeling of an LCD monitor in Maya.


Tutorial on modeling a simple toilet in Maya.

Cigarette Box

In this tutorial, you learn basic modeling and UV mapping for a cigarette box.

Tea Cup

In this tutorial, you learn how to model and texture a tea cup.

Space Ship

Learn how to model a space ship.


Video tutorial shows you how to model an airplane in Maya.


Tutorial shows you how to model a tarantula in Maya.

Paint Geometry Tool

The Paint Geometry Tool can be very useful when adding anything that needs to be duplicated and randomized across a given surface. In this tutorial, you learn all the basics of Maya`s Geometry Tool.

Using Bump Map to Sculpt Details

Rendering Wireframe

This tutorial shows you how to render wireframes on top of 3D models.

Subsurface Scattering

Simulating subsurface scattering with Mental Ray.

3D Cloud Shader

Create a realistic cloud in Maya using fluids.

Light Lamp

Creating a realistic lamp light using Maya.

Mental Ray Studio Lighting

This tutorial teaches you how to achieve a basic studio lighting setup with Maya and Mental Ray, using a single HDR image and Final Gather.

Maya Optics

A brief explanation of how lighting works in Maya and how it is different from physical real-world lighting.

Getting Started With Mental Ray`s Final Gather

Basic guide teaches you how to use Mental Ray's Final Gather to render a model.


A detailed tutorial on lighting in Maya.

Studio Lighting in Autodesk Maya 2009

Tutorial gives brief explanation on studio lighting in Maya 2009.

Image-Based Lighting

In this video tutorial, you learn how to create shadows under an object with a photorealistic image in the background.

HDRI in Mental Ray

This tutorial demonstrates how to use HDRI to achieve photorealistic rendering in Maya.

Realistic Lighting with LDRI Images

Chrome Car Rims

This tutorial guides you through the process of creating realistic-looking chrome car rims.

MapCreation in Maya 2009

Video examines how, using Maya 2009's new render pass features, we can easily export a normal map from high poly geometry.

Realistic Glass

This tutorial explains three methods of creating realistic glass in Maya.

Tennis Ball Fur

Tire Cover

This tutorial shows how to model difficult rotating objects.


In this tutorial, you learn how to make a simple NURBS cylinder behave like a real cable, affected by gravity, elasticity and other real-life physical forces.

Hair styles with Maya fur

In this tutorial, you learn how to create various hairstyles with the Maya fur plug-in.

Hair Dynamics

Dynamic Telephone Cord

This tutorial shows you how to create a dynamic telephone cord using Maya Hair.


Create a simple crowd in Maya with the help of the CrowdMaker Rendering Engine.


This tutorial guides you through creating a 3D mesh in Maya that will be used for repeating material. It also includes instructions on how to create the model and then obtain a color map and normal map from the model.


This tutorial teaches you how to model and render a gear in Maya.

Sport Car Nissan 350-Z

Tutorial explains how to create 350Z's body using polygonal modeling with blueprints in Maya.


This basic tutorial covers topics such as modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, rendering and particles.

Using Sun and Sky in Mental Ray with Maya

This tutorial demonstrates Sun and Sky system options in the Mental Ray Maya rendering engine.


In this tutorial, you see how to create realistic-looking sports car tire in Maya.

Candle Flame

Create a realistic candle flame in Maya.


Model and apply shaders to get realistic eyes.

UV mapping Techniques

This tutorial shows most of the UV mapping techniques and tricks of Maya software.

Water from Particle

Learn how to create realistic water, with effects, from Particle in Maya.

Pillow with ncloth

Maya ncloth provides excellent ways for CG artists to create realistic clothing. It simulates real-life factors such as forces acting, friction, rigidity, glue strength, pressure, tearing surfaces, etc. This video tutorial teaches you how to use ncloth to create a pillow.

Controlling Fog Density

Create and control a fog effect in Maya.

Optimized Caustics in Maya Mental Ray

In this tutorial, you learn how to make fast and optimized caustics effect with Maya and Mental Ray.

Coca-Cola Bottle

Modeling a Coca-Cola bottle in Maya.

Shelves And Mel scripts

Mel is a scripting language for Maya that is similar to C. Using Maya's Mel scripts, you can link objects, loop an action, simulate real-world dynamics and do many other things. This tutorial teaches you how to make shelves and create Mel scripts to speed up repetitive tasks.

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