How to Compare a Website to a Car

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Buying a car isn’t a very common activity and, due to the big amount of money invested, a wise decision is required. A website might not be such a prohibitive investment but it may represent the online part of a company or a product, anyway it is very important because it is a decisive brick in building a brand. Definitely, any reader must agree with the previous statements but what is the connection with web design? Are we talking only about the importance of a website? Not at all!

People all around the world (especially men) are attracted by cars, no matter if these are sport, SUV or limousines. I believe that comparing a website to a car will be more facile for inexperienced folk to understand what is behind an online presence and what this entails. In a nutshell, the article is written especially for the amateurs who need a website but clearly, it may be enjoyed by everyone. It will be a great reward to me if readers will put their opinions in the comment form and share these with us.

1. Speed is very important but not decisive

Everyone loves speed but, as all the things in this world, excessive isn’t better than average. A fast car which speeds up quickly is super but in traffic we aren’t alone; we all know that driving presumes paying attention to all nearby drivers and passers-by. The risks to have an accident are increasing considerably when a car is accelerating (the experience of the driver is another very important factor in the equation of speed). The same problem is faced by any website: a quick launching time is amazing but it may be a compromise of quality of the information and this is not a smart decision. Clearly, speed is important but other factor should not be neglected in order to improve it.

2. The more accessible, the bigger profit

There are few countries were cars are created with the steering-wheel on the right and the great majority place it on the left; what do you think: a car which has the feature to adjust the steering wheel both on left or right side will be bought by more clients? I believe that it is very possible (mathematical states are my support; however, it makes sense that it is increasing the number of potential buyers). The same problem is applied to websites: a more accessible one has the potential to attract more visitors.
An accessible car and website means that the producers tried to do everything for the comfort of the clients and they are certainly content with the final results. A timeless success is still built on the attention to the details so pay attention to all the small elements when designing a website. The accessibility of a car/website might not seem that important but, in spite of that, there are many people having problems who are feeling humiliated when they can’t do something. Be happy that you aren’t one of them and please take into account any potential disabilities in creating a website.

3. The best car/website is the one that the client loves the most

We are almost 7 billion people and each one has its own system of reference and that means that is impossible to make everyone happy. The best car/website is the one that the buyer loves the most; this is a very important point. It could happen that a car seller or a designer to not like his products but once a man buys it that means he is right…the client is always right, isn’t it?

4. The design should be appealing but the interior is more important

The design of any car or website is the one which has the ability to attract the eyes of the visitors but nothing more. People are convinced by the quality only after a complete judgment and the interior, respectively the content is satisfying them. A car with an amazing design remains only a concept, nobody will buy one that looks great but has an average speed of 10mph and the capacity of 30l/100km. An amazing layout full of no information is the same, a nice design never bought by someone. 

5. A very small price is never a real bargain

The cost of a very good car isn’t a small amount of money and, in the final decision of buying one, money plays an important role. A good discount, an impressive second hand car may be a solution but sometimes it may prove a wrong idea and the repercussions aren’t positive. It may sound crazy but I highly recommend avoiding all super great bargains.
The same principle must be applied when selecting a company/freelancer to create a website; there are a lot of opportunities to hire freelancers ready to accomplish a complicate project for few dollars but in fact they can realize almost nothing. The finality: the project isn’t finished, the client lose some money and a lot of time. Quality is always expensive!  

6. Usually, it is best to let the specialists explain their point of view

The terminology of the designers & developers is sometimes accessible to a small number of people and can be a boring language. In spite of these, the effort of the client to understand the specialists is rewarded in the final layout which contains elements suggested by him. The best client is the one who tries to be flexible and understands that the standards of the web are unbreakable rules in design. As a conclusion, designers can’t always accomplish the wishes of the clients and it is wise to respect their pieces of advice.
When buying a car it is best to listen to the recommendations of the most experienced people or of the specialists else it could happen that, after few weeks, the recent bought car is inappropriate for your family. Avoid any “disaster” by listening to anyone who is more acknowledged than you.

7. Quality can be never replaced

All the promotional ads, the intrusive Flash banners on all websites can’t replace the quality of the final product. May it be a car or a website all that matters is their quality. What do you think, may it be replaced?


This article has been written by Daniel Pintilie a freelance writer working for for, a Shanghai web design company that provides web design solution in Hong Kong,Sharjah and Middle East.

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