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When a visitor opens a website, the first thing that he sees is the overlay of the web page. What is written in the web page comes later. If the website is appealing to the eyes of the visitor then only he goes ahead and reads what it has to offer, and what it is all about. An attractive color scheme is the first step for building a user friendly website. Color is the emotional connection that you can have with your audience, without uttering any word. Depending on the nature of your website and the target audience, the color scheme should be chosen and should match accordingly.

Choose color according to the target audience:

If the website is meant for children, then it is expected that the children will get attract to vibrant and lively colors. If your target audience is the macho kind, then they will like something that is quite contrasting in color, and exciting for their testosterone levels. Similarly if, the target audience of your website is women, then they expect cute and soft colors. So, depending on the visitor that you are expecting at the website, choosing the right color is very important.

Learn to use the main principles of color theory:

One important thing that one should remember while designing a website is that it is not important that the colors which you like will look good in the web page also. Moreover, the colors should be such that are appealing to people from different regions and ethnicity. A very good example of this is the usage of color white. Americans and Europeans consider it to be the symbol of purity and thus use it with full confidence. It is also true that white is a color which is used by Americans and Europeans in marriages whereas the same color symbolizes death and mourning for the Chinese, Japanese, Indians, and some other races. So, one thing that you should make sure is that, the color you choose should not be appealing for some but distasteful for others. Choose the color careful and wisely so as to get amazing results.

Take help of color scheme:

Using the color wheel is a good idea to play it safe and at the same time make some appealing designs. Before selecting a particular color scheme for a website, you can always try it in your laptop. If the color scheme looks attractive in the laptop screen, then it will look good in the web page too, as ultimately the visitor is going to see the web page in a laptop or PC only. The principle that has been used over the ages, since the time the color wheel was invented by Isaac Newton in 1666 is to use colors that are harmonious to each other. Using contrasting colors for your website will be a good idea for highlighting the unique elements of your web page.

When you use some color, it is very important that you know the meaning of that color and see that the color is going well with the purpose of your website. The effect of color in enhancing the mood and vibrancy is a well-known fact. So choose the color of the website which will entice the visitor towards your web page, and will hold his or her attention for a long time.

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  1. Great article. Although I’m not a fan of templates as a rule, I’ve been impressed at the style and taste of many coming out lately.
    Could it be the day of the custom website is coming to an end?

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