Can Colour Theory be Used in Business?

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Successful marketing of printed material relies a great deal on colour and design. Innovative companies will use colour to enhance marketing material and send subliminal messages to consumers Colour theory is the use of colour to convey subliminal messages to consumers. It is particularly important in relation to printing services for marketing and advertising. For example, business card printing in a certain colour can convey a strong message about a brand.

1. Colours are Powerful

Psychologists posit that colour can have a powerful effect on the emotions. Careful use of colour can create positive or negative feelings in a consumer and therefore may be a powerful marketing tool.

2. Colour Use Should be Targeted

The colour of promotional material should be carefully considered before its production. It should be tailored to suit the targeted audience. The shade of colour will differ according to the intended consumer. For example, it is believed that darker colours such as navy blue or red are more attractive for male customers. Companies should consider this before ordering printing services.

In addition, different colours have been shown to produce various emotions. Designing advertising material in these colours will enhance profits.

3. Blue Shows Solidity and Reliability

Blue is a popular marketing colour because it conveys a sub conscious impression of calm and solidity.  Blue is a good colour to use in printed material for banks and financial services because it creates a feeling of security in the consumer.

4. Yellow Creates Happy Emotions

Yellow is associated with sunlight and creates happy, light emotions in the consumer. It is suitable for use in an entertainment business targeted at young people. Yellow is also a good contrast colour. With green it can be used for companies that wish to highlight good health and natural ingredients.

5. Green has Various Associations

Dark green is associated with solidity, much like blue. However, its use has a cultural connotation. For example, in the United States, green is associated with money, but this relationship is irrelevant in other countries.

Light green is usually associated with nature, such as vegetables, and it may be suitable for natural food products.

6. Red

Red has many cultural connotations. In China it is a lucky colour and could be associated with gambling products. In western societies, red is considered a colour of energy and excitement. It is dynamic and useful for products that target a younger demographic. It can be used to great effect in printed flyers or other advertising material.

7. Pink

Pink is traditionally associated with women. However, many older women will not respond positively to pastel pink. It is, however, appealing to younger women and girls and is good for products aimed at that market.

8. Orange

Orange is a colour that is warm. It is a suitable colour for children’s products and is gender neutral. Toy shops and producers may use orange in material such as catalogues to attract the attention of children.

9. White

White is traditionally the symbol of purity in western cultures. However, in other cultures it has connotations of death. Therefore it is important to consider its use carefully.  White is associated with hospitals and health care and is a good colour to use for products such as flyers or packaging in these industries.

10. Black

Black is a foreboding colour because of its association with death. However, black business card printing can be very successful as a statement about edginess or exclusivity. Black is often regarded as cool and trendy because of its death stigma.

Successful marketing of printed material relies a great deal on colour and design. Innovative companies will use colour to enhance marketing material and send subliminal messages to consumers.  Advertising in the relevant colours will increase a company’s sales prospects.

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